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  1. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    • The Aeroplane Graveyard: 32° 9'15.63"N 110°49'59.03"W

    That's a massive airfield that like.
    I remember seeing this:
    52 20 10.87N 0 11 43.34W
    before so I just had to search for it.
  2. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Tut! Just realised you've already seen it.
  3. stevew

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    Here is my one, how would we have got by without her, RMS Queen Mary

    33°45'10.54"N 118°11'23.53"W,
  4. Owen

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  5. Owen

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    Another then & now.

    Photograph taken from a reconnaissance aircraft of 2nd Tactical Air Force, after an allied attack, showing a burning vehicle on the improvised bridge across the Seine at Oissel, south of Rouen, holding up a stream of traffic from the west.

    49°20'12.20"N 1° 6'9.45"E

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  6. Paul Reed

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    Nice comparison Owen!
  7. von Poop

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    These deserve a separate thread Owen, you're getting some good hits.
  8. Owen

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    I've got a Seine thing going on.
    From The Canadian Battlefields in Normandy by Copp & Bechthold page 132.
    The Seine at Port du Gravier original photo from here.
    Archives - LCMSDS
    LCMSDS Air Photo 71/3427.
    Then GE co-ords 49°18'36.74"N 0°59'55.96"E

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  9. syscom_3

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    This is the capsized hull of the Prinze Eugen. Location is a couple miles west of Kwajelein Island.

    It was towed here after one of the atomic bomb tests and sank right on the reef line. Its hull is visible at low tide.

    Location = 8 degrees, 45' 07.64N 167 degrees, 40'59.87E

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  10. Andy in West Oz

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    Thanks Syscom, I had only seen pics of her from water level.
  11. Owen

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    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top align=left><TD></TD><TD noWrap width="100%">C 1614</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    High-level oblique aerial photograph taken from a Bristol Blenheim of No. 107 Squadron RAF, showing a German motorised column of 89 vehicles on the Cambrai-Arras road, entering Vis-en-Artois (bottom) from the east. The village of Haucourt is on the left.


    The co-ords 50°14'45.64"N 2°57'0.20"E will take you to the Great War
    CWGC :: Cemetery Details see blue dot on GE image , easily seen on IWM image too.

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  12. Owen

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    C 2056

    Vertical night aerial photograph taken during a raid on Berlin, showing bombs exploding in the vicinity of the central cattle-market and railway yard (middle right), east of the city centre. The broad wavy lines are the tracks of German searchlights and anti-aircraft fire can also be seen. Also illuminated by the flash-bomb in the lower half of the photograph are the Friedrichshain gardens and sports stadium, St Georgs Kirchhof and Balten Platz. A mixed force of 49 aircraft took part in the raid, of which 5 were lost.

    I've put the placemark co-ords on the traffic island lower right of photo

    52°31'6.33"N 13°27'11.99"E

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  13. Owen

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    [​IMG]Almost the same view but not quite.

    B 10148

    Bedford MWD trucks and other vehicles of the 4th Wiltshire Regiment, 43rd Division, in Valkenswaard, 21 September 1944.

    51°20'57.03"N 5°27'29.01"E

    Then rotate GE image by 180 degrees so church is at the top then it will be a Now of the Then IWM photo
  14. von Poop

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    From a heads up on a.n.other forum:
    Check out this rare Californian example of Werner von Brauns postwar influence outside of the space program ;).

    32°40'33.90"N 117°09'28.5"W
  15. syscom_3

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    heheheh, I wonder what the architect was thinking.
  16. Owen

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    Another swastika building in Munich.

    48° 9'51.74"N 11°31'2.57"E

    From here, Nazi Eagles
    Munich -- "Hakenkreuzhaus" - in 1934 an existing building at Hanfstaenglstraße 16-20 was converted to a swastika shape, which is still plainly visible from the air. (The original Munich "Hakenkreuzhaus" at Donaustraße 25-31 was rebuilt to a different configuration after the war.) (image from Google Earth)
  17. mollusc

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    Nice pretty flak-tower (now a hotel!) in Hamburg....
    53 33 22.55 9 58 12.38
  18. 4th wilts

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    it was tough going there,big time.
  19. Paul Reed

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    I remember reading someone a few years ago about a forest the Nazis had planted which 50+ years after the war finally grew to a level where it took the desired shape - a Swastika. Urban myth or real? Any leads to Google Earth?
  20. von Poop

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    That would be the Zernikow arboreal swastika Paul, no urban myth but mostly chainsawed away between 1995 & 2000:

    There is another (perhaps Poland?) that is nowhere near as clear, I think it might have been listed on here somewhere. There's a few Iron crosses too, but the Zernikow one was the clearest by far.


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