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    so am I understanding you right that the USA should not be in Bulgaria or Iraq ? seriously I am trying figure this out.

    Actually you bring the topic for Iraq up, look at your post, as i said you start defending your corner without no one attacking. Isn't this a bit paranoid?
    No i didn't chat with US military and i don't intend to. I lived during the communism, and that was one really bad regime, so the communism was washing our minds with any kind of propaganda against USA, when the communist in Bulgaria fall, most of the things the communist has told us about USA were true!:unsure:

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    let's drop this Dani as you are not understanding my statements due to communication difficulties, and our responses to one another are clogging up this thread
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    The Morgenthau plan for the 'pastorialisation' of Germany, which Goebbels made so much of, was put quickly aside at Potsdam, and rightly so.
    Not a good idea to have a key geographical area in the European front of the growing cold war as potentially no more than an agricultural area for Soviet Tanks to roll through while looking at the cows.

    Far more realpolitik to reconcile as much as possible, rebuild, & add power to the Nato forces.


    Adam, NATO was not formed until 1948.The intention of the Allied Powers and that included the Soviet Union was that democracy would be restored to Germany.The establishment of the West German Federal Republic from the western occupied zones in 1949 following the creation of the Mark caught the Soviet Union on the hop and they inturn allowed their occupied zone to become the German Democratic Republic.However the GDR was closely tied to them and run by German members of the Communist Party who had spent the duration of the Nazi regime in far away Moscow.

    The Morgenthau Plan was a non runner from the start and was never tabled.Morgenthau was a US citizen of German Jewish extraction and a Roosevelt adviser. It was thought that the policy would have been seen as an attempt at Jewish retribution.Roosevelt dismissed the advice from Morgenthau but rumours of post war intentions on the de-industrialising of Germany was expertedly handled by Goebbels for his propaganda machine.What the Allies were firm on was an aim to crush German militarism once and for all and this decision went to the core of the matter as they saw it.After the Nuremberg trials were concluded, the Allied Powers signed a law on 25 February 1947 to abolish the state of Prussia.Prussia was seen as the heart of German militarism and from this day, ceased to exist.

    West Germany was later invited to join Nato to counter any western territorial ambitions that Stalin retained which was marked by the start of the Cold War.This meant the re-arming of West Germany and some in the West saw this as a retrograde step and not far from the concern that Magaret Thatcher expressed who was recorded as seeing the dark side of German re-unification on the conclusion of the Cold War.
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