Douglas Bader enigma

Discussion in 'General' started by David Layne, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. WebPilot

    WebPilot Member

    I'd like to second Owen's Invitation. Welcome to the forum and plwase jump straight into the other topics.

    But maybe it's time to leave this thread alone.

    Mr. William's claims have been questioned with hard fact and research, and lets please leave it there for individuals to make up their own minds.

    Some indisputable hard facts have been quoted in this thread so the evidence that Williams so energetically demands is clearly available.

    I will finish my contribution to this thread with a single question. Exactly what is Williams so afraid of that he spends so much time flaming those who question him?

    I think the answer is very clear. Having shouted so loudly from the roof tops, he sees quite clearly that his story is exposed for what it is and that the memory of Kenneth Williams will not be as a distinguished veteran as he would so dearly like to imagine it might have been, but that of a humiliated generator of lunatic conspiracy theories. RIP.
  2. Kitty

    Kitty Very Senior Member

    Glad you agree Pilot. Look forward to seeing you in the other threads. :D
  3. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    If I can add my two kopeks, I would like to say that in the past I had some kind of problem in this forum and left. I am a member of other WW2 forums but I haven't said anything there concerning what was going on here or the reasons I left. I came back when a member of this and another forum wrote to me saying the coast was clear and the problem was gone.

    What I mean to say is that I am quite beffudled at this thread, I am a bit uncomfortable with this insistence on the same subject. Why not do like the apostles recommended, when you leave you shake your feet of the dust, but then just leave? If the fellow is as obnoxious as he seems to be, then that's his problem and the loss is his as well.
  4. Gerard

    Gerard Seelow/Prora


    I'd like to echo whats been said by Za, Kitty and Owen and say that now its time to use your evidently excellent knowledge of history in a positive way. I completely understand why you are so annoyed as I was also faced with the same problem that za had on this forum. I chose to stop engaging the problem and it went away after a while.

    Please feel free to contribute on the boards, we're more than happy to have you here and your input could be invaluable on various issues.

    I do have something to say to Mr Williams and it has nothing to do with his "Enigma". Please refrain from dissing this site so offhandly. You have only looked at one area and are making biased statements based on emotion rather than logic. It has nothing to do with History or discrediting, it has to do with MANNERS. I'm asking you nicely this time.
  5. Kiwiwriter

    Kiwiwriter Very Senior Member

    Enough is enough.

    This thread is now turning into nothing but personal taunting from one side and vile personal insults repritned from a second side.

    The question has been asked, and it has been answered. Time to move on.
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