The White Rose & Internal Resistance to Hitler.

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Gerard, Mar 9, 2005.

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    There is a news item on the BBC website today on the epic and tragic story of those young people who opposed the Nazi regime.

    BBC News - White Rose: The Germans who tried to topple Hitler

    Also remembering the reported 5000 or so young Germans who refused Nazi war service and paid for it with their lives in a barbaric fashion.
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    The 70th anniversary of the founding of the White Rose group was celebrated in the 2012 Housmans Peace Diary.

    The first German conscientious objector of WW2 was executed by shooting on 15 September 1939. Hitler later decided that shooting was too good for such dissidents and ordered the revival of the guillotine. The best known CO was probably the Austrian, Franz Jaegerstaetter, beheaded in Berlin on 9 August 1943.

    The nonviolent resistance to Nazism within Germany has never been remembered in the UK as much as the July 1944 bomb plot against Hitler.
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    Thanks for posting, both. Very interesting.
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    Thank you for the interesting post
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    Is this day a national day of remembrance in Germany? It should be.
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    Interesting picture doing the rounds, that I'd not seen.
    Said to be an anti Nazi Rally in Berlin, 1932. Though I haven't been able to verify that.


    Googling about trying to find the provenance, I see that nearly c.3000-5000 Germans & Austrians fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil war, including future Chancellor Willy Brandt.
    Not something that I'd ever thought of before.

    (I've collected & merged multiple White Rose/Sophie Scholl/Internal resistance threads into one larger home under the Third Reich forum.)
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  7. Smudger Jnr

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    A Short Biography of Willy Brandt.

    If I recall correctly Brandt was stopped and checked by the SD on route for Berlin whilst being an activist in the Resistance movement.

    Being fluent on Norwegian and Swedish, he managed to preserve his cover as a Student.

  8. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin


    Just found this travel Blog which Shows the Building in Question, which is the Art Academy in Berlin.

    The link Shows a recent photograph of the exterior and an old Album photo showing a Nazi Party Rally in the area.

    Google map and streetview showing the building adjacent to Berlin Cathedral.,13.400327,3a,78.8y,348.09h,89.69t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sEP3-QbzrgSu_f6_qz7Ok2g!2e0!5m1!1e4

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    Another book on the subject has been recommended on here in another thread:
    An Honorable Defeat, by Anton Gill. German Resistance 1933-45.
    I've ordered it.

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