Moving pictures Oosterbeek 18 September. What is trailing the jeep, at the end of the clip?

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    I have now deleted duplicate frames, stabilized and sharpened footage of the home movie, made by dentist Clous (Lebretweg 1 Oosterbeek), 17 September 1944 and onwards.

    Oosterbeek, Utrechtseweg. Germans retreating, first British soldier to appear with local guide, jeeps racing east with 1 Airborne Recce men, family of dentist Clous, locals chearing, Polsten gun, dispatch riders, wandering soldier, soldiers posing in front of house of dentist Clous, jeep driving north with local guide, devastation, Möbelwagen and Germans looking towards MDS-crossing, 1945 scenes, with Shermans and Sextons.
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    Great clips lads, really interesting stuff.
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    clicked the video & have message saying ''this video is private''
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    Oops! Solved! Thanks! :)
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    Thank you for posting this fascinating footage.
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    Thanks for sharing video

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    image.jpeg New on here,some great photos and information.......looking for as much info regarding support troop tactical markings & movement & action of the polstens.....if anyone has anything to share it wil be most appreciated .......we have in our possession 2 polstens,jeeps & trailers.......would love to be able to tell there story correctly.
    Ignore the markings on my photo,this was for artillery op varsity.
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    Do you have a link to "Reinders" web site?
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    I know this is an old thread but I'm doing some research into my family tree and found this thread when looking information on Leslie McCreedie.

    I'd like to add that our family are 100% sure that the person named as Leslie McCreedie is indeed him.

    Has anyone any other information on Leslie McCreedie?
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