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    Here is the Algonquin Regiment war diary for the dates April 5 to 9, 1945.

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    Wow! Amazing! Thanks to both of you! Amzing to read! This will definitely help me out with my research.
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    Can anyone help with the following? I'm after the Algonquin Regiment unit serial number for 1943. It's the number that was then used to provide their embarkation colour bars for their kit. Anyone know?
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    Just noticed that it's usually in the top right hand corner of the field return of officers. Does anyone have one they could post?
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    The Algonquin Regiment's unit Serial Number was 1052 based on the assignment of serials to every Canadian unit. Is that what you are looking for?
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    I thought they were three numbers followed by the /1 to denote readiness to deploy. The Lincoln and Welland number was 299/1 and Regiment de la Chaidiere was 743/1. I assumed the Algonquin one would follow that pattern?
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    Lincoln and Welland's serial was 299, Regiment de la Chaudiere's serial was 743 and Algonquin Regiments serial was 1052. Many Canadian infantry battalions had four digit serials. I am not sure how this fits with embarkation colors, but I found the following as part of 1st Corps Signals, RCCS embarkation information. Unfortunately none of these has a four digit serial to compare. 171.jpeg 172.jpeg 173.jpeg
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    You, are a legend. If that's what it is, then that's what it is! It just seemed odd to me that it didn't follow the 3 digit serial. I think that the colours based on 1052 with the info I currently have suggests 3 horizontal bars as follows;

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    What a fantastic forum. Thanks so much to everyone here. I've read through the diaries provided and I am trying to find information on my grandfather. He was a private with the algonquins from 1940 through the end of the war but was injured / blinded by shrapnel at some point in the war. There was no mention of him in Warpath unfotunateky. His name was David Surgenor and although he never really talked much about the war, we do know that he drove a bren gun carrier. Would any of you experts on the algonquins be able to find any information on him?
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    Hi surge,

    Your best bet is for someone in the family to make an inquiry about his service with the government. I don't know any of the particulars of how one of us Canadians does that, however.

    edit - this looks like the appropriate page. There is an application link below this text.

    Restricted records held by Library and Archives Canada (service files after 1919)
    Access restrictions apply for military service files from 1919 to the present, including the Second World War. The only exception is the files for those who died during the war.

    The personal information contained in the restricted files is protected by the provisions of privacy legislation. For the same reason, the database and indexes that are used to identify the files cannot be made available on our Web site. Only staff may access them; therefore there is no online database available.

    Library and Archives Canada (LAC) holds the restricted military service files for the following:

    • Canadian Forces regular members (1919 to 1997), including Permanent Force, Second World War (those who did not die during the war) and Korea
    • Canadian Forces reserve members (1919 to 2007) (note that not all files were retained for the Reserves)
    • Newfoundland Militia members who served in the Second World War (note that not all files were retained)
    Requests for Military Service Files - Library and Archives Canada
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    As Chris C said, it would be best to get your grandfather's service records. I have the war diaries, but to search for a single individual would be very difficult since they are not searchable and extensive. When you have more details, come back to the forum for help.
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    That is the standard way to request a personnel file and a file is the foundation of any additional research. You should get an acknowledgement of your request and an estimate on delivery. Note this method is often very slow, an 8-12 month turnaround would not be a surprise. There is an alternative method via Access To Information, I can recommend a researcher who does this for a reasonable fee (about $30 last time I used him). PM me for details (or if you aren't able to PM as a new user, post here and I will contact you). My understanding is that method requires a 30 day response, which is why it is not promoted.

    Note the requirements related to proof of relationship, date of death (assuming he is deceased), etc. It is the same whichever way you apply.

    Note the default response is what is called the genealogy package. That will include most of the key details you need (dates/units etc), but you should consider requesting the complete file. His medical records might include some detail on the circumstances of his injury and a close look at the file might let you get a bit more clarity on his role with the unit. It's a bit of a longshot and might cost a few extra $ for extra copying, but is worth pursuing if you want to exhaust the possibilities.
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    Hello to everyone interested in the Algonquin Regiment during the second world war.
    My grandfather Lt, and later Capt. M.T. Regimbal joined the regiment on active duty on 29/9/44.

    I've been on this forum a few years back and recently back on the effort of finding out more his exact whereabouts during his time in Europe. I have been to Wierden and know what happened there. At the moment I am looking in to the Schelde en Hoghwald.

    Anyone who had information wants information or photo's please contact me
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    Thank you @Escalpald

    The photo with a dutch woman is my grandfather if anybody recognises him or her I would love to get in touch

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    Just FYI, your mortar crew photo is of Regina Rifles in Normandy.
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    Interesting wonder how that got mixed in there
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    I was wondering if Warpath contains a list of the men who served in the regiment during WW2

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