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    I did a little more checking on Pte. Norman L. Brown. I went to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site and found that the actual date of death was October 26th, 1944 based both on a Graves Commission Concentration Report Form and on the War Diary. Here are the two documents.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this. I had always been told by my mother that Norman was killed " in a tank by a mine" but she was only seven or so when he died and if my grandparents received details on this I have been unable to find it. The diary page you provided certainly has given a glimpse of what happened to Norman on October 26th. I have almost all? the letters written to and from Norman during his war years and I am slowly getting to know an uncle that I never had the chance to meet. Again, I thank you.

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