1st. Battalion King's (Liverpool) Regt.

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    Yesterday my good man, made up for some lost time. :)
  2. Thanks bamboo43, how strange it is that we were all told that Billy was killed by a Japanese grenade and then to see it written by someone that we do not know albeit that it may have been a mortar. I thank you very much for that. If you could get me a copy of that document it would be good so i can show it to my brother William ( Bill) Campbell who was named after William Sweeney. My Father married William's sister Mary Ann Sweeney ( my mum now sadly passed away).
    By the way, i agree, that is some memory you have!
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    Just glad I had something for you. I'll send you a pm.
  4. I PHONE PICS 19th October 019.JPG I PHONE PICS 19th October 020.JPG I PHONE PICS 19th October 021.JPG

    William ( Todd) Sweeney Kings Regt ( Killed in Action with the Chindits)
    Michael ( Mick) Campbell Kings Regt
    Letter from Mick to William's Mum 1943 just short of leaving for home.
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    Good to see these images thanks for posting them. I have collected some information on a few 1KLR personnel, mostly from families asking for information on my website. One day I hope to produce a website and compile all the info in one place. Only trouble is I need to retire from work to accomplish this I reckon..
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    Maroon machine,

    I'm sure Hebridean Chindit will fill you in on details about 'Blackpool' and the terrible conditions the men went through at this stronghold. For more information on this forum, just put 111th Brigade Chindits into the site search engine. There is plenty there.

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    All in good time, dear chap, all in good time ...

    "Blackpool" ... ? Not a holiday destination I'd ever recommend ... plenty to learn, all of it grim...
  8. Thanks bamboo43. Received the documents re the report of the death of William Sweeney. To see it in writing somehow changes the perspective as it has always been " no known grave" and this sort of closes it somewhat if that makes sense, My grateful thanks for that and i will share the document with the family.
    If you do decide to create the website then you are most welcome to any documents I may have should they be of any use. Will take a look at the 111th brigade info as would like to learn more re " Blackpool!. I will also look for a letter a I received from an ex Chindit some time ago when looking for information re William.
    He did not know him but I am sure he mentioned "Blackpool" in the letter. Thanks again for your help and keep up the good work.
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    I'd love to see the letter if you can find it. Sounds like something a man called Jack Lindo would do. He helped me by taking my grandfathers service records to the Chindit Reunion Dinner in 2006.

    I'm glad the witness report has provided more than just information for you. 70 years, no time at all really.
  10. Have found the letter (actually it was a card) but the chap's name was William Wales, Gunner attached to 111th Brigade. It was in answer to a request I placed in the Burma Star magazine. He states that he fought at "Blackpool" but will let you read it for yourself. It was a couple of years ago and he was 89 then. My God they made them tough in the old days! Will scan and send it to you.
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    That's great, many thanks. :)
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    Thinking of the Kings (Liverpool), I believe there is only ONE Chindit left in Liverpool now. He was entertained to tea in the Lord Mayors Parlour a few weeks ago.
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    Hi Roger,

    That is sad news, do you happen to know who this man is.

    Best wishes

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    Hi All,

    I'm having one of those days. I'm looking for the war diary for 1 KLR for the period 1940-41. They should be in India at that time, or so I believe. However, in the WO172 series I can only get back as far as December 1942.

    Does anyone know if a diary exists for 1940-41?


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    The earliest I can find in my WO 172 spreadsheet is Dec 1942. Definitely in India? Any ideas where they were before India?
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    It was your spreadsheet I was using Andy. As far as I can recall the 1 KLR were on the North West Frontier of India by 1937. They did not move from the sub-continent until after the war was over, becoming the 15th King's Battalion Paras.

    Weird one this.

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    They may not have made one or like many others lost over time.
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    Thanks for checking anyway Andy, Happy Easter to you and the family.

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    Hello, my great uncle was Leslie Carney 1st Batt KLR, who was killed in action 5th March 1944 service number 3775270. he is buried at
    Taukkyan, in Rangoon. Trying to find some further information regarding to the circumstances of the action he was involved in, presuming it was Operation Thursday, involving 77th Brigade. If anyone has information re the above, i would greatly appreciate it

    This is a picture of my great uncle Leslie, I also possess his Burma Star medal.
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    If that is the date, that was the day they were first to fly in by Glider to Broadway, the second landing area of choice. There were many obstacles in the way and there were many of the 1st KLR killed. They were supposed to set things up for the thousands of men and mules that followed. I believe their role changed to reflect their losses.

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