Wormhout Massacre/Battle Related Research Questions

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    Thanks Peccavi - I'll track that one down; I have 1914 - 22 by 'C' if anyone needs a WW1 QOWH look up!
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    There's a few copies on Abebooks Simon for around a £100.00
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    I think a library visit - I have a marriage to preserve!

    Any suggestions for 210/211 Bty positions on the 28th? How many men and guns would be in a troop?
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    Excellent description of AT units and organisation WW2.

    Some AT guns had already been lost or destroyed prior to the battle.

    Some positions of the AT guns are know but not many - generally described as a thin outer crust with no depth.

    It was normal to provide a few machine gunners at the same position for mutual protection. One maybe two AT were situated on the North side of the Esquelbecq Road halfway to Wormhoudt, next to my father's position. There two AT guns either side of the Esqueslbecq Road at the barricade where Dietrich's car was shot up.

    There was another AT on Rue Verte (probably near to the Cheshire position).
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    On Thursday 21 June 2018, my mother, Brother and myself visited Dunkirk (Wormhoudt) to see the memorial to my Grandfather Private Thomas George of the 2nd Warwickshire Regiment and other soldiers. Thomas George was murdered at the Wormhoudt barn where the mass murder of 80 British and French POWs by Waffen-SS soldiers from the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte took place in 1940 during the retreat of the British Army. are grandfather was part of the rearguard holding off the German army so that the British army could evacuate to Great Britain. Although my mother cannot remember her father as he died when she was 3 and then soon after her birth he was posted overseas, it was still emotional. A very moving scene was that we arrived at the cemetery there was a team from the War Graves Commission tending the cemetery and were doing a wonderful job, as you can see. David Hircock

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