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    Finally got the records for my Great Uncle, I know he served in 6th Batallion Green Howards and was KIA 8/9/44

    Just looking for some help in deciphering some of the military speak in the paperwork, plus I cant read some of the writing (probably my age and eyesight now)

    Thanks in Advance

    2019-08-25-15-58-0001.jpg 2019-08-25-15-58-0002.jpg
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    2019-08-25-15-58-0008 copy.jpg Another part of the records
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    Confusion over my Great Uncle

    Have asked admin to merge your 2 threads - best to keep one thread to one person, have only just suggested you apply for his records only to find them now posted elsewhere on the site


    By the way these show he was KIA 8th Sep 1944 - so clearly the other web site you sought info from is incorrect
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    Have you got Form B103 amongst the records. This is the one that is usually most helpful.

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    Agree with TD that the posts should be merged, here's my take on his records:
    18.4.40 enlisted King's Regt, hence his service No.
    26.6.40 transferred to 6 Bn.
    6.3.41 Appointed unpaid lance corporal.
    22.1.44 to X(i) list X lists (Service Records)
    25.6.44 posted 51 Reinforcement Holding Unit.
    28.6.44 Posted 6 Bn Green Howards.

    War diaries will reveal what the various units were up to at the relevant times.

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    Surely Kings to Kings Own to Green Howards.
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    Hello Steve,

    Gone was the fairy static and attritional warfare encountered in Normandy of the previous couple of months and near total destruction of the German 7th Army at the Falaise Pocket. This was now replaced by the Allies rapid pursuit of the retreating Germans through northern France and Belgium. The Guards Armoured Division (on the right) and 11th Armoured Division (on the left) were in the vanguard of the British 2nd Army’s pursuit.

    On the afternoon of the 7th September 1944 the situation was that the Guards Armoured Division had bounced a crossing of the Albert Canal at Beringen, but the 11th Armoured Division (to its left at Antwerp) had not. It was considered essential that another crossing was secured and quickly.

    The 50th (Northumbrian) Division was ordered to secure a second crossing.

    The 50 Div only had two of its three Infantry Brigades, the 69th (5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, and 6th & 7th Bn’s Green Howards) and 151st (6th, 8th & 9th Bns Durham Light Infantry), under command.

    As soon as 50 Div arrived at the allocated sector of the Albert Canal to the south of Gheel a reconnaissance was made of the 7 bridges therein, only one of which was known to have been blown-up (marked A on the attached map). It was found that the other 6 bridges (marked B to G on the attached map) had also been blown-up. The reconnaissance parties of the 6th Bn Green Howards had also come under enemy MG and mortar fire at most of these points.

    The CO, 6th Bn Green Howards, Lt-Col Exham, was ordered to make a nighttime crossing by boat at a point of his choosing. He selected the point where he considered an stealthy/unobserved crossing could best be made, which was slightly to the east of but near bridge B (see attached map) in front of Meulenberg.

    From “The Story of The Green Howards 1939-1945” (Synge)
    Radio communications with ‘D’ and ‘A’ Company’s had broken down. Major Hull set out to make contact, but his reconnaissance party ran into heavy MG fire, from an enemy position situated between battalion HQ in Meulenberg and the estimated D’ and ‘A’ Company positions, and were forced to withdraw.
    The following day the 5th East Yorkshire Regiment crossed the Albert Canal to the west and the 151st Infantry Brigade at Steelen to the east. The two brigades of 50 Div were across the Albert Canal, but initially had no anti-tank, artillery or armoured support. That would come, but they were to fight against German troops including parachute troops and armour before they were able to firmly secure the bridgehead.

    It appears that your great uncle died in the fighting around the area of Meulenberg.


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    Service: Number 3776768
    Died: 08/09/1944
    Aged: 29
    6th Bn. Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment)
    Son of Harry and Margaret Ann Rimmer, of Southport, Lancashire; husband of France. Mary Rimmer, of Birkdale, Southport.
    Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
    Cemetery/memorial reference: IV.B.14.

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    Name James Henry Rimmer
    Birth December 27, 1915
    Death September 8, 1944

    Spouse: Francis Mary Caines
    Father: Henry Rimmer
    Mother: Margaret A. Fay
    Birth: 27/12/1915 Ormskirk Lancashire England
    Death: 08/09/1944 Geel Antwerpen Belgium
    Residence: 1939 Lancashire Lancashire England



    Seems his younger brother also died in 1944
    Global, Gravestone Photograph Index, 1265-2014
    Name: D F Rimmer
    Burial Year: 1944
    Burial Place: Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France
    Cemetery: Nord Commonwealth
    Notes: click here to see note:RAF flight engineer; killed in action; 21st April 1944; RAF no 1673522

    Recherche de France-Crashes 39-45

    Dennis Fay Rimmer
    BIRTH 10 FEB 1922 • Ormskirk, Lancashire
    DEATH 21 APR 1944 • Hauts de Seine France
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