British Field Graves of the men who were Buried close to where they fell in 1940

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    Photo from epay.
    raf fairey battle x9372 photo (2) (2018_01_13 18_51_57 UTC).jpg
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    105 Sqn shot down Bristol Blenheim 3 10 40. T1896. Grave of two of the crew Frank Vyvyan Bundock 580601 and Kenneth Lord 517486 26 years old, a 3rd crew member might be Hugh Dunbar 619755 but not in the photo. They were moved to Pihen-Les-Guines Communal Cemetery CWGC.
    Photo from my collection.
    I have found no info yet on the plane or how it was shot down.
    RAF crew kia.jpg RAF crew kia. close up.jpg
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    AIR 81/3598 at Kew .
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    Photo from epay.
    kia british 1940.jpg kia british back of photo.jpg
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    The text reads:
    Gefallen für England

    That is:
    Fallen for England

    The place name would be not so clear. But, given the context, discernible letters should give "Dünkirchen", I think.

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    Lord K - International Bomber Command Centre

    UK and Allied Countries, Index of International Bomber Command Losses, 1936-1966
    Name: Kenneth Lord
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Sgt
    Death Age: 26
    Birth Date: abt 1914
    Place of Origin: United Kingdom
    Service Branch: Royal Air Force
    Squadron Number: 517486
    Unit: 105
    Trade: Pilot
    Death Date: 3 Oct 1940
    Burial Place: Pihen-Les-Guines Communal Cemetery, France
    Robert Raymond Lord
    Clara Lord
    Reference Number: 517486 Lord

    Recherche de France-Crashes 39-45


    Dunbar H - International Bomber Command Centre
    Bundock F - International Bomber Command Centre

    Most from the the new Ancestry database - UK and Allied Countries, Index of International Bomber Command Losses, 1936-1966
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    The crew of Blenheim 1V, Serial T 1896 were victims of the Battle of the Barges while operating against invasion shipping targets, in this case, the port of Calais.

    On the early evening of 2 October 1940,No 105 Squadron dispatched three Blenheim aircraft to bomb the marshalling rail yard at Gremberg in Belgium. Adverse weather,icing,rain and low cloud resulted in the target being totally obscured, forcing the aircraft to return to their base at Watton Their bomb loads were dropped over searchlights before returning to Watton.

    At the same mid evening, two Blenheims,T 1896 being one were also dispatched to bomb the port of Calais invasion barges and were confronted with the same weather, T 1896 RTR having crashed at Pihenl les Guineas.....probably the result of bad weather

    Sgts Lord,Bundock and Dunbar were RAF regulars and were regarded as old hands of some experience having served in France as part of the AASF from September 1939 and members of the squadron since early 1939.

    Interesting German intelligence was such that they were aware of the squadron’s home base as indicated on the burial memorial.
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    Two more photos of the same grave, 10/5/1940, kia 1940 may.jpg kia may 1940.jpg Might be in Norway looking at the background.
    Photos from my collection.
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