British Field Graves of the men who were Buried close to where they fell in 1940

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  1. Nido

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    The last letter's twirl made me wonder if it's really Roeux. But yes, it is. The Skarpe river made it clear.
    The text says:
    Engl. Massengrab nach
    dem Gefecht bei
    Roeux (Skarpe)

    The Engl.[ish] mass grave after
    the fight by
    Roeux (the Skarpe river)

    11 kia 1940 Roeux back engl..jpg
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  2. JCB

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    Four unknowns from tank HMC447 died 19th May 1940.
    Plus two named -Stanley Bell and Agglo??
    A325 Grab 4 Unbekannte Engländer Gefallen 19.5.1940 Panzerbesatzung Tank HMC 447 ..jpg $_5711.JPG
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  4. Rich Payne

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    Craig, this one came up before, but the latest photo is earlier I think as the field is bare earth. HMC 447 was a Scout Carrier from 4th / 7th Dragoon Guards. Temporary Grave Near Ath
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  5. JCB

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    Ah I have been going through my old saved pics from five plus years ago.
    Think this is HMC447 and cross is seen in front of Carrier.
    It has been pulled off road since pics on Rich's thread.

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    To everyone involved in this thread what a great job you have all been doing over the past few years fantastic work keep it up I’m sure it would be appreciated by their families
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  7. JCB

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    Don't think this has come up before , two graves with a AOS plate 13 with bar above and colour split which means it can only be 3 or 56 Medium Regiment Royal Artillery , sadly no other clues.
    Edit-posted before in AOS thread by err me however still very relevant here.
    DUNKIRK 1940.jpg
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  8. ltdan

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    From Ritgen, "Die 6. Panzerdivision". Unfortunately the names are illegible
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  9. ltdan

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    German and English soldiers' graves in the cemetery of Feldlazarett 30 in Wortegem, near Waregem and Kortrijk.
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    That is a very powerful picture they all paid a high price. Hopefully later this year when we can get back to France to continue our search for our uncles body ( KMIA) I can also help two other families put their loved ones to rest
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    Good luck . I wish you well
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  14. morrisc8

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    French and British Graves . Photo from my collection.
    French and British kia.jpg
  15. ltdan

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    MERVILLE, 8.May 1940
    Merville 8.5.1940.jpg

    near THILLIERS

    unknown airman, 1940, location unkown
    British unk. Pilot 1940 location unknown.jpg
    unknown airman near Belgian Border

    JERICHO Junior Member

    Hi Keith, it's the temporary grave of Mareuil Caubert, near Abbeville
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  17. morrisc8

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    . .
    Photo from my collection.
    Same as above
    British and German kia 1940. graves.jpg
  18. Harry Ree

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    Interesting photographs Itdan as ever but is the Merville date of 8 May 1940 a typo?

    I would have thought that the date would follow the date of launching the Blitzkreig on 10 May 1940.
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  19. ltdan

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    Yes - was 28.5.1940....mea culpa
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  20. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    1940, location unknown
    1940 Narvik
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