Anyone going to Tunisia??

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    Spidge. Just to add, it could have been WW2 when they played Melbourne with Barrasi as captain of Melbourne.

    Barassi lost it for Melbourne in 1958 when they were looking to win their 4th Premiership in a row. He was hit early in the game and spent the rest trying to get his own back.

    Collingwood won the game by 18 points and stopped Melbourne equallying their 4 premierships in a row.

    The 1958 VFL Grand Final was an Australian rules football game contested between the Melbourne Football Club and Collingwood Football Club, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 20 September 1958. It was the 62nd annual Grand Final of the Victorian Football League, staged to determine the premiers for the 1958 VFL season. The match, attended by 97,956 spectators, was won by Collingwood by 18 points, marking that club's 13th premiership victory.
    This was Melbourne's fifth successive Grand Final appearance. The Demons had won the previous three premierships and were looking to equal Collingwood's 1927-1930 Premiership record.

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    Hi Fisher, looks like we are going to same cemetery, if you could concentrate on spidges names i have recce mitch and england phils covered, i am also heading for a battle site at sidi medienne on a tight schedule, where my uncle got killed with 6th black watch. i'm in Hammamet from 21st, (ash cloud permitting) if you fancy a pint and swap stories. sent you a PM.
    best of luck with your trip. Terry
  3. Fisher

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    Hi Terry. great idea to meet up but like you not sure if I will get there on 18/4 because of volcano! Have to see what poition is on Sat evening and let you know. I hope you make it. Roger
  4. Fisher

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    Unfortunately flight on 18/4 to Tunisia cancelled but hope to get there eventually, maybe in autumn.

    UNCLE SAM Junior Member

    Apologies to everyone who i promised photos for , my flight tomorrow is cancelled due to volcanic ash! . so no trip to medjez al bab.
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    Hello everybody, I have just joined the Forum. I was due to go out to Tunisia last Saturday but The Ash Cloud stopped me.

    My original plan was to be based in Beja for a few days and visit Longstop etc; then the second half of the week to be based in Takrouna staying with a local family. This week is the 67th anniversary of the battle of Takrouna and I was invited to an Italian veteran's ceremony at the Folgore memorial in Takrouna this Saturday 24th.

    I am currently in the process of writing a book on the battle of Takrouna and planning to write a book on the whole Tunisian campaign.

    When I have a new date for my next trip I shall post it.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Takrouna
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    Welcome to the forum Takrouna

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    Who is going to Tunisia (again). I am looking for photographs of Dj Mansour ! Who can help me out ?

    Will be there soon for e few days - not so familiar with Tunisa in WW2 (am working to change this :rolleyes:). Therefore maybe a silly question: What / where is Dj Mansour?
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  11. Gerry Chester

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    What / where is Dj Mansour?

    Hi Kuno,

    Dj is short for Djebel- mountain. It is located immediately south of Medjez-el-Bab (47/37) in a massif in Bou Arada (47/35) El Aroussa area Manned by the 3rd Grenadier Guards it stood in the way on one of the three westwards thrusts by the Germans made in Febraury, 1943.

    Of interest, our fellow 142nd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps with their Churchills was the first unit of 25th Tank Brigade in action.

    The Djebel is not named on the map - there are several on the massif. No doubt someone living nearby there will be able to pinpoint it for you.

    Cheers, Gerry
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    Whilst I doubt anyone is going to Tunisa soon, I thought I would at least update my list of outstanding cemeteries

    MEDJEZ-EL-BAB WAR CEMETERY - 10 Casualties
    SFAX WAR CEMETERY - 7 Casualties
  13. Owen

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    Foreign & Commonwealth Office advise NOT to go .

    Tunisia travel advice


    Still current at: 23 January 2011
    Updated: 21 January 2011

    This advice has been reviewed and reissued with amendments to the Travel Summary and Safety and Security - Political Situation (three day period of national mourning). We continue to advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia.

    We advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia.

    The situation in Tunisia is now calmer. There is a three day period of national mourning on 21-23 January for those who died during the protests. Demonstrations are expected to continue and incidents of violence are still possible.

    A State of Emergency was declared on the afternoon of 14 January under which it is illegal for more than two people to congregate in a public place, including in cars. A nightly curfew has been imposed in the Greater Tunis area between the hours of 20:00 and 05:00. Local curfews may be imposed in other areas of the country too. These restrictions remain in force until further notice and could be subject to change. You must respect the curfew and listen for announcements about any changes to the curfew requirements. You may also encounter roadblocks. If so, approach slowly and do not cross any boundaries without permission.

    The situation is unpredictable and may change quickly. British Nationals in Tunisia should take responsibility for their own security, monitor the situation closely, stay away from demonstrations and large gatherings of people, public buildings (such as Government offices, the Presidential Palace), exercise caution, and observe instructions given by local security authorities and tour operators.
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    I shall be posting my recent cemetery pics tomorrow on Flickr: Takrouna1943 , will put some Longstop pics there too. I was planning to go to Tunis today for the Conference on WW2 organised by CEMAT. Not sure if they are still doing it (no replies to my emails). I hope to be going to Tunisia for a number of trips this year subject to FCO advice. Planned trips include: Bradley's II Corps assault on Hill 609, Medjez area, Rommel's attacks on Kasserine (incl Thala and Sbiba), Patton's attacks on Gafsa/Maknassy, Monty at Akarit/Mareth and to retrace the route taken by the LRDG & 2NZ Division left hook to El Hamma. So, should be able to get some photos of the cemeteries you need except Tabarka.
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    Hi Guy's, as part of my local memorial research I need a grave photo of a man buried in Medjez-El-Bab war cemetery. Leading Aircraftman Owen Loy 952323 RAF Volunteer Reserve, grave Ref: 6.C.17. Any help gratefully recieved, regards Sean
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    Altough the last post in this topic is from more than 2 years ago, I will place my appeal for help here. If anyone could get me five photographs from Massicault Cemetery, that would be great.
  17. Owen

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    Doubt if many tourists will want to go after today's events there.
  18. spidge


    Thought you would be on the ball Owen.

    27 at last count.

    Cheaper to pay 3 quid I think!
  19. Ron Goldstein

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    The last time I was in SOUSSE in July 1943 was whilst waiting to land in Sicily as part of the 78 Div.

    Lew about to embark for Sicily:

    Regimental Diary:
    On 6 Jul the btys began to move with their bde gps to Sousse and RHQ moved there on 9 Jul.
    On 21 Jul a warning order was received for the regt to embark for Sicily. 84 Bty, with 11 Bde Gp, moved first and embarked in LSTs at Sousse on 23 Jul.

    Lew's Diary. SOUSSE
    Reveille at 0530,parade at 0600 and once more mad BSM Lily took us for P.T. from 0630 until 0730.
    The rest of the day was as usual. General maintainance on the 15cwt and the rest of the day lying around in general. At 4pm we had orders to move to the "Blackpool" area just outside Sousse. Somehow I felt pleased we were going away from here as I was properly browned off. Although I fully understood the war would really start for me. We arrived at "Blackpool" at 1730 and stayed there the night.

    Ron's Army Records:
    23/7/43 Embarked, destination unknown (Sicily), Taken on strength of 8<SUP>th Army


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