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    Remember Today
    75 Years on the bridging incident at Piettratgliata that sacrificed the lives of 23 members of 626 Field Squadron Royal Engineers,

    Never Forgotten

    All Gave Some
    Some Gave All
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    Remembering, today, 13th August 1942

    The following four airmen lost their lives on this day when B-24 Liberator IIIA LV341 Z/120
    ditched into the North Atlantic.

    P/O. Victor Dennis James 40976 RNZAF. Captain.

    F/S. Alfred Burton Craig R/50369 RCAF. Navigator.

    Sgt. Seymour Clare 652303 RAF. Flight Engineer.

    F/S. Kenneth Henry Watson 749427 RAFVR Wireless Operator Air Gunner.

    Thursday 13 August 1942 the loss of Liberator IIIA LV341 Z/120.
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    Consolidated Liberator, Off Donegal

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