Order of appearance of the Guards armoured battlegroups in GOODWOOD

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    Hello All,

    RE: Order of the Guards Armoured Battlegroups appearance in Goodwood

    I have just looked at Stephen Napier's work "Armoured Campaign", the Guards official history by the Earl of Rosse, and a work by the late Ian Daglish on Operation Goodwood "Over the Battlefield" and the late Michael Reynolds "Steel Inferno".

    While it is accepted the Grenadier Guards armoured battlegroup was first "down the chute" AFTER the British 29th Armoured Brigade and into battle, (via the armoured corridor) there is discrepancy between who came next in the above sources and lack of clarity.

    I believe it was the Irish Guards battlegroup that came next (2nd), then the Coldstream Guards (3rd) battlegroup as per the Guards official history that states it very clearly in this order. I also believe the Coldstream Guards BG was the "reserve" battlegroup. I believe the late Ian Daglish and Napier have got it wrong.

    Pat me on the back or set me straight,

    Hope all is well and you are all still healthy,

    (My apologies if I have not found a thread that thrashed this out already)

    Arthur Gullachsen
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    Hello Everyone - found the answer

    It appears the official history of the Guards Armd Div regarding Goodwood battlegroup order is wrong, and Napier and Daglish are right.

    War Diary 2nd Irish Guards.- Operation Goodwood

    2nd Armoured Battalion, Irish Guards | Page 2 | WW2Talk

    Coldstream Guards BG were indeed 2nd "Down the chute".


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    If you can get a time for when IG went around Cagny it would help clear up confusion as to the time of the Air Recce that Daglish used in his GOODWOOD book.
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    Hello DBF and M Kenny

    Thank you for the resources and I will make a point of IR timings in the chapter if it is possible.

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    It is a case of trying to find which time was being used by the 3 participants. The Commonwealth, The Germans and The RAF Recce photos and then working out what was the sequence of events. My problem is that the time given by Daglish for ther Recce pics appears to be too late in the afternoon.

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