Map Coordinates: "Pt. 302, South of STRADA"

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    Good afternoon, I am interested in finding the precise location for a battle fought by 3 Coldstream Guards in Italy in July 1944 on their approach to Florence. I have a copy of a citation for an MC awarded during the battle which mentions : "On Thursday 27 July 1944 No. 4 Coy 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards .... was ordered to capture the feature, Pt 302, south of STRADA"

    Does anyone know if there is any way to convert "Pt 302" into modern map coordinates please?

    Would be most grateful.

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    You need a topographic map of the area south of the village of Strada and look for a hilltop with an elevation of 302.
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    Doesn't "strada" mean road? Can't find a town of that name. Any further details?

    p.s. Strada in Chianti is the full name. See map sheet 113. Point 302 is in grid reference 8154.

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