How many British WW2 Veterans are still around ?

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  1. Ron Goldstein

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    To still be here is enough !

    Best regards

  2. CL1

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    Good to hear it Ron
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  4. Mr Jinks

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    Found this :-
    Darlington veteran Ernie Sedgwick celebrates 100th birthday, couple of weeks late but glad to see he is still around ! Accompanying story is a bit muddled but the reporters sentiment is there.
    Darlington DLI veteran celebrates 100th birthday


    I had the pleasure of meeting a 99 year old merchant seaman last week he worked during WW2 in the engine room . I said that must of been very scarey ? He replied "not really the nearest I came to drowning was when we were rammed by a Polish vessel " Weren't they on our side I asked " Yes they were but I think some bugger forgot to tell them ! " he replied .
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    Just came to read Kyle’s post and couldn’t help but notice Ron’s now poignant post above from last December. Had a little moment, I’m not ashamed to admit.
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  6. Derek Barton

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    Yet another one gone. Harry Melling 101 years young passed away in his sleep on the 19th September. Harry was the oldest submariner in Great Britain.
    At the going down of the sun ...........
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  7. bamboo43

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    The Chindit Society is planning to support four veterans in marching at this years Cenotaph parade. Three are now 97 years old and the other 101!
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  8. Mr Jinks

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    September 2021 Gnr John Graham

    Normandy vet who still grows veg on his allotment celebrates 100th birthday

    Normandy veteran makes it to 100 - still growing veg down on his allotment

    He received the Légion d’Honneur medal a few years ago - France’s highest military honour - after landing on Gold Beach just after D-Day while serving as a gunner with the Royal Artillery Regiment.

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  9. Steve Mac

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    I wonder which regiment he served with? Black Beret suggests tanks within Royal Artillery!
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  10. Derek Barton

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    The only Field Regiments I have listed wearing a black beret are the 86th (E Anglian)(Herts Yeo) & the 147th (Essex Yeo) and both these wore their Yeomanry cap badge.
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  11. bamboo43

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  12. BrianHall1963

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    Ron is sharp as a tack , I’ve been to a couple of talks he has given on his time a true gent .I will give his daughter the details of this site
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  13. Markyboy

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    Went to a Shoreham Museum signing today with my daughter (aged 9) and they had four veterans in attendance. Delayed bedtime tonight as she was asking so many questions after we read the first chapter! Andy Andrews is second left on the book pic. CB1F96AF-ED40-4BFC-A6C4-BCC8784EA01A.jpeg B7000F16-1D2B-473E-B759-A662B96A4FA7.jpeg
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