How many British WW2 Veterans are still around ?

Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts.' started by Ron Goldstein, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Hehe, that's really funny. :) I enjoyed Paul's interview with Wilf on his podcast.
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    Just by chance I was also out yesterday at my local U3A monthly meeting.

    I was chatting to someone about a talk I hope to give next year and was asked what the title of the talk would be.

    When I replied " I was a D Day Dodger" I was asked if that meant I was a conscientious objector !

    If nothing else, it has confirmed my original feelings that it will be a story worth telling.

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    Former WW2 Flight Lieutenant Douglas Newham, LVO, DFC has been in the news because he was caught in what is effectively a hospital car park charges 'trap' recently, as reported here:

    War veteran's parking fine for over-running Carlisle hospital appointment

    The mean-spirited characters issuing and upholding the the ticket for the overrun are evidently not interested in any extenuating circumstances!

    I gather Mr Newham was a navigator with 156, 150 and eventually No 10 Squadron (Lancasters). On a happier day in June 2015 he was presented with one of a replica WW2 secret pencil kit that was issued to airmen during the war, as reported here:

    Second World War Bomber Command veteran honoured
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    For the misdeed of being a D Day Dodger (for which there are no excuses), I know you were sentenced to another 11 months of hard labour in Italy..with no parole possible..I hope you learnt your lesson.

    best wishes
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    Whilst writing about my visit to the U3A I realised that it would have been better to have placed my comments on a "I was a D-Day Dodger" thread so I am going post haste to find a suitable one and continue my musings there.

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  6. Smudger Jnr

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    I hope that you put the person well and truly in their place
    (Son of another "Day Dodger")
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    Well it's been a while since I've met a WW2 vet, their ranks are clearly thinning but yesterday I had a double whammy by meeting a married couple both in their late 90's. The lady was a Plotter for Fighter Command and the chap was in the RAOC, later REME and served in France during 1940. We only had a brief time for a chat but he told me he was based at a village near Rouen with his Workshops unit during May 1940 and their retreat westward towards St. Nazaire and how he avoided boarding the Lacastria. Yesterday was a good day at work :D
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    Had the honour and the privilege of meeting many of these fine old sweats at Whitehall a few days back. I was handing out fliers in the hope - however forlorn - that just one of them may have remembered my Dad. I also posted on the fb pages of as many RBL branches as I could find. It was a truly inspirational experience meeting up with fellow veterans, although with no gongs on show i did feel a touch under-dressed:D
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    Another great meeting with Veteran Wilf Shaw and Paul Cheall in Manchester yesterday.
    Still looking good Wilf, 97 going on 98:)
    Wilf Dec 2017 (4).JPG Wilf Dec 2017.jpg

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    Best wishes to my father's mate, Charles Ward, as he celebrates his 99th birthday today (16th Dec 2017)...Charles joined the London Irish Rifles with my Dad at Liverpool St station on 18th October 1939. ... I was interested to read Charles' memories of 75 years ago when 2 LIR spent their first few weeks on the Goubellat Plain, south of Medjez-el-Bab in Tunisia....

    Wednesday Dec 16th 1942.
    Reached the ripe old age of 24. I am getting old. First air mail letter card issued to us. Guaranteed to reach home for Christmas.

    Thursday Dec 17th.
    Plenty of air activity this morning. Constant rumble heard in distance all round.


    Thursday Dec 18th.
    Best day yet. Saw three dive bombers but long way off.

    Saturday Dec 19th.
    Cloudy today with occasional showers. Warned to move off at dusk. Moved about 9 miles back to rest.

    Sunday Dec. 20th.
    Settling down in new position. Cold and showery. Orders to pack up ready to move again at 11.30. Took up fresh positions and dug in.

    Monday Dec 21st.
    Moved again after breakfast nearer road. Stayed there rest of day and moved up towards Medjez-el-Bab in evening. Stayed night in farm. Slept in haystack.

    Tuesday Dec 22nd.
    More air activity. Moved into building. Good sleeping quarters. Rained like hell during night.

    Wednesday Dec 23rd.
    Still bad weather holding up attack.

    Thursday Dec 24th.
    Still raining. Warned to move up and stop Germans taking Skins (Enniskillen Fusiliers) prisoners. Averaging eight a night. Moved up into position after dark. No sign of enemy at all. Dug in. Rained hard all night.

    Friday Dec 25th.
    Still occupying positions in hills. Still no sign of enemy. Suspected to be occupying farm. Attacking tonight.

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  13. bookwormwmb

    bookwormwmb proud daughter of a 56 Recce/78 infantry vet

    my dad is 93 formerly of the 56 Recce. we were fortunate to spend christmas with him today. wonderful that you could visit with these veterans !
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