How many British WW2 Veterans are still around ?

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    To still be here is enough !

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    Good to hear it Ron
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    Found this :-
    Darlington veteran Ernie Sedgwick celebrates 100th birthday, couple of weeks late but glad to see he is still around ! Accompanying story is a bit muddled but the reporters sentiment is there.
    Darlington DLI veteran celebrates 100th birthday


    I had the pleasure of meeting a 99 year old merchant seaman last week he worked during WW2 in the engine room . I said that must of been very scarey ? He replied "not really the nearest I came to drowning was when we were rammed by a Polish vessel " Weren't they on our side I asked " Yes they were but I think some bugger forgot to tell them ! " he replied .
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    Just came to read Kyle’s post and couldn’t help but notice Ron’s now poignant post above from last December. Had a little moment, I’m not ashamed to admit.
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