Hitlerite obsession

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by von Poop, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Right dodgey looking lot here, eh?
    Think Hitler loks constipated. Maybe he dropped the soap in Prison. ;)

    Early life to his assumption of power on 30 January 1933: Hitler after his release from the Landsberg prison in the summer of 1924. Rudolph Hess, his companion in prison, is the second figure on the right.
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    What do we think of the current fuss over Bryan Ferry's comments?

    I'm sorry for 'amazing' Nazis comment, says Bryan Ferry | the Daily Mail

    He was an ex-art student , like myself, so I can agree that Nazi Iconography is "amazing", very strong , powerful imagery.
    Same as Soviet images are very powerful seen from a Graphic Design viewpoint.
    I do think his comments have been taken the wrong way.
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    The reaction was rather pathetic I thought, 70's rock star says:
    "Leni Riefenstahl's movies and Albert Speer's buildings and the mass parades and the flags - just amazing. Really beautiful."
    So what? The man's an artist and anyone could tell he was referring to the 'style' of the things, which I would also have to concede were quite beautifully done and executed, this was part of the Nazi's propagandic skill, an entire bureau 'polished' the nazi designs... and they were successful. Appreciating their design skill does not make one a Nazi. A thing does not have to be automatically declared ugly just because it was made by bastards does it?

    I suspect if he'd made the comments to anything other than a German newspaper they wouldn't have even appeared as a blip on the Radar.
  10. Za Rodinu

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    As a matter of fact I consider the only truly competent nazi to have been Dr. Joseph Goebbels. He did a mangnificently well done propaganda work that is still able to influence people 60 years later.
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    I now this magizine is two years old but shows how some people find naked women and Nazi regalia very erotic.
    I won't post the link, in the cause of taste and decency.

    Naked Nazi escapes Hong Kong fury

    October 25, 2005
    Akasi, a quarterly publication for the discerning Nipponophile, has become the latest convert in Hong Kong's love affair with Nazi Germany.
    The October issue of the top-shelf glossy is dominated by pictures of an attractive young lady partially dressed as a tank commander and cavorting with wartime general Heinz Guderian.

    But unlike every other local business that naively or cynically cashes in on Nazi notoriety, Akasi has yet to generate a single raised eyebrow.

    Until a reporter spotted a copy on the top shelf in a Causeway Bay 7-11 last week.

    In Hong Kong's English language media, there are few subjects more likely to generate an outraged print campaign than the use of Nazi memorabilia as a marketing gimmick.

    To many Hong Kongers, Nazis represent the epitome of desirability. Their tanks were made by Mercedes and Porsche; their uniforms were original Hugo Boss.
    Twenty years after the last British skinhead tired of the joke, it's still not unusual to see a Hong Kong teen in an Adolph Hitler European Tour t-shirt.

    And whether it be a karaoke den with photos of Germans executing prisoners (a strange choice of decoration, admittedly), a fashion store decorated with swastikas, a TV station describing its ad breaks as "the final solution" or a coffee shop picking Hitler for its daily quote, German wartime symbolism is never far from the editor's outrage button.

    Yet somehow, Akasi's efforts have slipped below the radar. It's hard to imagine how this could be, since Hong Kong 7-11's are apparently full of penniless gweilos looking for love these days, and from our experience, at least some of them are likely to be journalists.
    More importantly, the magazine pulled out all the stops to ensure someone would be offended: They've put the girl on the front and back covers, dressed her in death's heads, seig-heiling on a swastika backdrop. And just in case anybody missed the connection between the uniform, the tank the swastika and the jackbooted nipple tweaking love interest, the magazine even has a centrespread article about Guderian's life and works.
    Guderian is often credited as an architect of the Blitzkrieg and a vocal proponent of the destruction of Warsaw. He rose to become Hitler's army chief of staff before conveniently falling out with him a few days before the war ended.

    As Guderian has been dead for fifty years, getting him to pose for Akasi would have proved difficult. But the magazine found a cunning way around that little difficulty: They popped down to the shops and bought a plastic replica.

    And they did the same thing with the tank.

    But we're digressing. If it was news notoriety Akasi was after, something went badly awry. The directors of the Calvin Group, which publishes Akasi, must be kicking themselves over the acres of scandalised newsprint they've failed to inspire. This cynical attempt at media manipulation should have generated a maelstrom of outraged Sunday front pages and inside page follow-ups.

    But it hasn't. All they've managed to do so far is inspire this one solitary Web report. How could they have so misjudged the media?

    It could be that the strip is simply too silly to horrify anyone. Anyone who can pose a topless babe alongside an Action Man with a moustache must surely possess a sense of humour. And you'd have to be either a satirist or a very disturbed tank nerd to think of Photoshopping topless triplets into a Tamiya Tiger tank.

    Or it could just be that the girl is just too cute to cause offence.

    At the time of going to press, Asian Sex Gazette had been unsuccessful in contacting Akasi, so we have no informed opinion on the publisher's motives. All we can offer is speculation.

    We also noted that the printer's name is Flying Wind. If that's not significant, we don't know what is.
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    I'm glad this thread is here.....I believe Hitler was brilliant and an opportunist.... I am completely obssessed with WW2 and Hitler as he came so close to getting all he wanted, and then failed. That is where my obssession lies.
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    This is the first I've read this thread, and somebody beat me to the first comments I was going to make, about usury, anti-Semitism, and how long it's been around.

    There's another angle that I believe needs to be looked at. Originally, the plan wasn't to kill the Jews in Europe. The original effort was to deport them! And what happened with that? The rest of the world, in essence, said, "Tuff!" and sent 'em back. Even the great and glorious United States refused to let them debark, and sent them back home.

    So, then what happened. The Nazzies had all these Jews laying around that Hitler didn't want. There was no place to put them, so those few with over-active Teutonic efficiency and pragmatism figured out that if nobody wanted them, they'd have to eliminate them in another way.

    I think that's the part that really gets people. Face it, those who read history will read of pogroms against the Jews in almost every nation, in most eras. A few hundred here, a coupla thousand there, no big deal, right? It happened centuries ago! Then the Germans came along and approached the situation in a whole new way, and industrialized genocide!! They did in a day what took Cossacks weeks to do! AND, they got rid of the bodies! How efficient can you get???

    So, bottom line, the entire world needs to share culpability, indirectly at least, in the Holocaust. In the end, it wasn't so much what was done, but how, and how well it was done that really got people spooled up. In my own opinion, of course, which with 97 cents will get me a cuppa!
  16. Harry Ree

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    That might be an assessment after the fact but the real danger was that a whole nation was seduced by his facadistic character.The fact that his early supporters were no more than rabble and then the system went on to influence and recruit whole slices of German intelligensia who could see no wrong in the deeds they carried out.These were the people,who after their day in "the office" organising and engaged in slaughter went home to be the father figure attending church on Sunday.Its amazing what the defence of these perpretators was. "Rudi would not hurt a fly" was the usual character reference from their relatives when they were brought to book.

    Anti Semitism, it has been around for a long time but this was the fiirst time in modern times that a so called cultured nation had legislated against a group on account of their religion.The sorrow and the pity was that Europe stood back and allowed it to happen.There were some in Europe external to Germany and indeed in Britain who in the 1930s saw no wrong in the man.Their selfish motivation was that he was seen as a bulwark against the tide of communism which they thought they could see rolling across the plains of Europe from the East.

    From the US,Henry Ford was an admirer.He saw how the Nazis kept their workforces to heel.So great was the mutual admiration that Robert Ley,Hitler's head of the German Labour Front, the body that had dissolved the German Trade Unions and requisitioned their assets and cash, wrote to Ford whilst in capitivity, offering himself for employment which he seriously thought would be granted.Alas for him the world had moved on and his plea did not reach Ford.

    Hitler is continuing to fascinate historians because it is still difficult to understand how the man gripped a nation.Latterly more is being uncovered of the man from German historians and researchers and their background knowledge of the German nation makes their accounts the more revealing.
  17. Tom Houlihan

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    Harry, I certainly won't disagree with those words. I was only touching on a small aspect of the greater whole. I think it will be a very long time before anyone is able to figure out exactly how that whole thing came about. In retrospect, there were probably a million minor elements that, had one not aligned just so, could have thrown the whole process off, and history would be completely different.
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    Watch the first series of "Heimat" , it gives an idea of how it could creep up on the country .

    I've started to wonder whether the UK survived because we seem to celebrate our failures more than our successes ? Dunkirk is one of the most famous names in our WW2 history
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    This sketch reminds me a lot of Spike Milligans 'solution' for endeing the war VERY QUICKLY......

    "....we'll just drop 10 English Charladies on the Fuhrers headquarters....In one week, the Hun would be broken!....."Now...I'm not avin' those jackboots stomping all over my clean floors....never mind about silly old Stalingrad, you just sit there and I'll make you a nice cuppa' tea, and a cheese roll for Mr. Goering..."
  20. Christos

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    And speaking of Nazi regalia and nights out on the town....WHAT ABOUT Bonny Prince HARRY....!

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