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  1. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Albert Edward Pearson Coldstream Guards
    Born 14 MAY 1906 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
    Died 1 APRIL 1974 Lived at 87 Heath Street, Manchester. Died Crumpsall Hospital, Crumpsall, Manchester
    Albert Edward Pearson.jpg

  2. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Thomas Albert Robinson 3rd Bn Coldstream Guards
    Born 11 NOV 1925 West Hartlepool, Co Durham, England
    Died 22 JAN 2008 Hartlepool
    Thomas Albert Robinson.jpg
    Thomas Albert Robinson 3rdbn.jpg

  3. Mr Jinks

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    Cpl Dransfields Squad Coldstream Guards
    Dransfield's Squad.jpg

    Gdsmn Edward Francis Styles 1924–2011
    Born 16 APRIL 1924 Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
    Died 6 FEBRUARY 2011 Albury, New South Wales, Australia

    Cpl Dransfields Squad Coldstream Guards
    Back Row: Guardsman A. Smith, Guardsman R. Allen, Guardsman C. Henley, Guardsman F. Short, Guardsman E. Styles, Guardsman J. Aldred, Guardsman E. Rich

    Middle Row: Guardsman G. Maslin, Guardsman T. Rockley, Guardsman N. Jarvis, Guardsman L. Candy, Trained Soldier H. Russell, Guardsman K. Harris, Guardsman A. Tate, Guardsman D. Dickin, Guardsman E. Welch

    Front Row: Guardsman C. Metcalfe, Guardsman E. Moon, Guardsman A. Clift, Corporal R. Dransfield, C.S.M. R. Nott, Guardsman K. Burrows, Guardsman J. Niblett, Guardsman R. Chapman


  4. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Robert Ottey Coldstream Guards
    Born 10 APR 1904 Southwick Sunderland Co Durham
    Died DEC 1970 Ushaw Moor Durham City

    Served in China (Shanghai 1927-28)
    Robert ottey born 1904.jpg

  5. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn William George Galway Jolly,Coldstream Guards
    Born 22 NOVEMBER 1908 Tynemouth, Northumberland,
    Died 14 JUN 1997 North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear,
    2nd Row 1st on the left
    WGGJolly 1910.jpg

  6. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn George Edward (Ted) Turnbull Coldstream Guards
    Born 25 MAY 1911 Sunderland, Durham
    Died 3 DEC 1995 Sunderland, Durham, England
    Turnbull Ted. Coldstream Guards.jpg

  7. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn George Edward Godber Coldstream Guards
    Born 03 DEC 1902 Cockshutt Lane, Lower Birchwood, Somercotes, Derbyshire,
    Died 12 MAY 1976 26 Westmorland Lane, Denaby Main, Doncaster, Yorkshire.
    Coldstream Guards, 1920's George Godber 1902-1976.jpg

  8. Mr Jinks

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    2661490 Gdsmn Roy Vernon Spiller 4th bn Coldstream Guards 1940-1945
    Born 6 DEC 1919 • Hollow Head Farm, Sidbury, Devon
    Died 1 MAY 2012 • Camelot, Forton Lane,Tatworth, Chard TA20 2SF

    Roy Vernon Spiller 4th batt Coldstream Guards 1940-1945 2661490-1.jpg

  9. Mr Jinks

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    2656448 Gdsmn James Dennis Sweeney Faulkner (born 1916) Enlisted 26th April 1934 Army reserve 26th March 1938- 1st September 1939 re-embodied (CMP) Military Police. Died 03 Feb 1946.
    faulkner right.jpg

  10. Mr Jinks

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    2657181 Sergeant Jack Calvert Peace Coldstream Guards
    joined the Coldstream`s in July 1936 straight from school. He is seated in the front row, extreme right. (Below)
    Jack Peace.jpg

    Captured 20th June 1942 Cyrenaica, Middle East. Camp PG 60 ,and Stalaf 4B Pow number 227632,

    Jack Peace (1).jpg

    Born 13 SEPTEMBER 1917 Wicklewood, Norfolk, England
    Died 25 MAY 1984 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England

  11. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Basil John Whitehead Coldstream Guards 1940
    Born 22 OCT 1921 22 Broad St. Ilfracombe. Devon
    Dead 10 DEC 1996 Barnstaple, N.Devon

    Basil 1940.jpg

  12. Mr Jinks

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    Sgt Bennett`s Squad 17th Coy Coldstream Guards Aug 1940
    Sgt. Bennett's Squad 17th Coy. Coldstream Guards..jpg
    2654344 Sgt Gordon Bennett 5th Coldstream Guards
    Wounded Caen
    Born 27 MAY 1910 Halebank, Cheshire, England
    Died 14 FEB 1976 Prestatyn, Denbighshire, Wales

    Joined Police retired as Chief Inspector.
  13. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Robert Hamilton enlisted as a boy soldier 1938 Coldstream Guards
    Born 26-04-1923 Easington, Durham
    Died 27-08-2009 Skegness, Lincolnshire
    Bob in Coldstream Guards uniform.jpg

  14. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn John Hyman Coldstream Guards
    Born 16 DECEMBER 1907 Wandsworth London
    Died 31 MARCH 1978 • Wandsworth London

    Jack (John) Hyman 1907 - 1978.jpg

  15. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Leonard Alan Button Coldstream Guards
    Born 2 OCT 1910 Aldeburgh Suffolk
    Died 5 JUL 1991 Stepney London

    Leonard Allan Button.jpg

  16. Mr Jinks

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    2666565 Gdsmn Jack Featherstone 3rd Coldstream Guards
    Served post war in Palestine awarded GSM with Palestine 45-48 Clasp
    Jack Featherstone
    Born APR 1913 •Stockton
    Died JAN 1985 Cleveland, England
    Jack Featherstone.jpg

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    Gdsmn Thomas Henshaw Coldstream Guards
    Born 28 SEPT 1918 Astley Manchester Lancashire
    Died 19 MARCH 1987 Middlesbrough Cleveland
    Served in Middlesborough Police as PC 47.N

  18. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Lionel Ford, Coldstream Guards 1945
    Born 21 OCT 1924 Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire
    Died SEPT 2004 • Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire

    Sergeant F. Dawson’s Squad, Coldstream Guards, April 1945, Guards Depot
    Middle row 3rd left Gdsmn L Ford

    Back Row: Guardsman W. Lillford, Guardsman A. Barker, Sergeant H. Musgrave (P.T. Instructor), Guardsman A. Taylor, Guardsman R. Tempest

    Middle Row: Guardsman M. Nutley, Guardsman D. Alexander, Guardsman L. Ford, Guardsman M. Clarke, Trained Soldier B. Crossley, Guardsman T. Johnson, Guardsman F. Hughes, Guardsman R. Earle, Guardsman J. Jordan

    Front Row: Guardsman A. Sanderson, Guardsman J. Dyer, Sergeant G. Straker, Captain W.A. Gillilan, Sergeant F. Dawson, Guardsman R. Cooper, Guardsman J. Carlin

    Reg .jpg

  19. Mr Jinks

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    2658771 Gdsmn Irvin Sidebottom 3rd Coldstream Guards
    Irvin Sidebottom
    Born 8 JULY 1920 Rawmarsh, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
    Died 1986 Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

    Prisoner of War. Captured at Tobruk 20/06/1942 whilst serving in the Coldstream Guards.Campo 65,
    Stalag XVII-A, Kaisersteinbruch, Austria Prisoner of War number 155146
    Irvin Sidebottom.jpg
    Irvin Sidebottom (1).jpg

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  20. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Albert Sorby Coldstream Guards
    Born 2 FEB 1902 • Grimsby Lincolnshire England
    Died 11 DEC 1943 • Grimsby Lincolnshire England buried Scartho Road Cemetery Grimsby
    Albert Sorby.jpg
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