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    Corporal A. Whitham’s Squad, Coldstream Guards, July 1941

    Back Row: Guardsman R. Walker, Guardsman R. King, Trained Soldier A. Wilson, Guardsman F. Richards, Guardsman G. Welham, Guardsman J. Asquith

    Middle Row: Guardsman H. Keen, Guardsman R. Shingles, Guardsman G. Beresford, Guardsman C. Hankin, Corporal R. Larder, Guardsman A. Hodgkinson, Guardsman L. Emery, Guardsman N. Embley, Guardsman T. Jermy

    Front Row: Guardsman W. McCade, Guardsman R. Trevis, Guardsman J. Crawley, Sergeant C. Bayliss, Corporal A. Whitham, Guardsman W. Smith, Guardsman J. O’Brien, Guardsman W. McKimmings
    Coldstream Guards sq.jpg

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  2. Mr Jinks

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    Corporal E. Lennon’s Squad, Coldstream Guards, July 1945, Guards Depot

    Back Row: Guardsman R. Burt, Guardsman W. Weaver, Guardsman N. Ladzrie, Guardsman A. Grice

    Middle Row: Guardsman S. Myhan, Guardsman J. Rollings, Guardsman P. Dolan, Guardsman D. Umpleby, Guardsman T. Summers, Guardsman K. Walton, Guardsman S. Williams, Guardsman C. Eddy, Guardsman J. Dodwell

    Front Row: Guardsman G. Rawlinson, Guardsman J. Ford, Guardsman R. Chinn, Corporal E. Lennon, Trained Soldier S. Cheall, Guardsman H. Melton, Guardsman R. Hersee, Guardsman W. Ramsden
    Ron Coldstream Guards July 1945.jpg
    Ron uniform.jpg
    Gdsmn Ronald Alfred Chinn featured in above squad

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  3. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Joseph Pace
    BIRTH 22 DEC 1906 • Sunderland, Durham, England,
    DEATH 2 MAR 1984 • Sunderland, Durham, England,

    joseph pace coldstream guards a.jpg joseph  pace coldstream guards.jpg

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  4. Mr Jinks

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    Pirbright 1942 Officers and NCOs
    pirbright ncos.jpg

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  5. Mr Jinks

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    Sgt A E Readings Squad June 1924

    Below Gdsmn Charles W Staples

    Charles Staples.jpg Coldstream Guards Charles Staples seated on right, first row.jpg

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    Hi Kyle,

    From the Regimental History - 2657507 Sgt A V Horton commissioned into Royal Signals 5th December 1943. Highest rank attained was Lt.

    Thanks for posting all these photographs.

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  7. Mr Jinks

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    KING, JOHN BOYNTON J B SERJEANT 2ND BN. Coldstream Guards 2654971 Died 09/06/1944
    john boynton King.jpg King boynton john bolsena.jpg

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  8. Mr Jinks

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    Cpl W Rowleys Squad Coldstream Guards May 1941
    Features Gdsmn John Dingwall (Middle back row)
    BIRTH 9 MAR 1920 • Sunderland,
    DEATH JUL 1987 • Sunderland

    Corporal W. Rowley’s Squad, Coldstream Guards, May 1941

    Back Row: Guardsman E. Ruston, Guardsman J. Hall, Guardsman V. Bontoft, Guardsman J. Dingwall, Guardsman W. Murphy, Guardsman E. Singleton, Guardsman T. Hemingway

    Middle Row: Guardsman F. Rushton, Guardsman T. Hepplewhite, Guardsman H. Kitchen, Guardsman W. Collins, Guardsman J. Forster, Guardsman G. Malyan, Guardsman R. Greatorex, Guardsman W. Baker, Guardsman E. Midgley, Guardsman D. Singleton

    Front Row: R. Graves, Guardsman V. Gilbourne, Sergeant A. Gartside, Lieutenant T. Barnard, Corporal W. Rowley, Guardsman L. Evans, Guardsman J. Smith

    may 1941.jpg

  9. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    O.C. and N.C.Os, C Company, Coldstream Guards, Pirbright, 1942

    Back Row: Lance Corporal D. Elliott, Sergeant W. Hudson, Lance Corporal G. Eyre, Lance Corporal V. Dales

    Middle Row: Lance Corporal W. Pratt, Lance Corporal A. Richardson, Lance Corporal S. Foulkes, Sergeant H. Vincent, Sergeant J. West, Lance Sergeant T. Davies, Lance Sergeant A. Bull, Sergeant A. Defty

    Front Row: Sergeant G. Prior, C.Q.M.S. R. Sidebottam, C.S.M. T. Dore, Captain The Lord Hugh Kennedy M.C., C.S.M. G. Whyte, C.Q.M.S. T. Hawkins, C.Q.M.S. F. Marsden

    pirbright ncos.jpg

  10. Mr Jinks

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    Sergeant F Martins Squad March 1927 Coldstream Guards

    Coldstream Guards 1927.jpg

  11. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Arthur Dennis Scott
    Born 19 FEBRUARY 1919 • Yorkshire
    Died 17 MARCH 1994 • Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia
    arthur scott.jpg
    On active service 2 batt.jpg
    Gdsmn Arthur Scott - (middle row far right) HQ company 2nd Coldstream Guards - North Africa, Italy 1942-1945

  12. Mr Jinks

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    2657532 Cpl John Alfred Smith
    Coldstream Guards

    BIRTH 4 APR 1917 W Derby, Lancashire
    DEATH 18 NOV 1968 Wirral, Cheshire
    2657532 cpl John Alfred Smith coldstream.jpg

  13. Mr Jinks

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    Sergeant Robert Edward Dunn Coldstream Guards
    BIRTH 13 DECEMBER 1919 • The Lodge, Netherhall, Maryport, Cumberland
    DEATH 20 SEPTEMBER 1974 • Perry Barr Birmingham
    ROBERT EDWARD DUNN in the uniform of the Coldstream Guards.jpg

  14. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Eric Dobbs No4 Company 2nd Coldstream Guards
    Born15 OCT 1920 Hingham, Norfolk
    Died 21 FEB 2011 Coventry, Warwickshire
    Eric Dobbs 1.jpg Gdsmn Eric Dobbs.jpg Eric Dobbs 5.jpg

  15. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Frederick Joseph Smith 2nd Coldstream Guards
    Born 09 MAY, 1913 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
    Died 02 JULY, 1981 Western Australia,
    Fred joseph smith 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards.jpg

  16. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn James Norman Milling Lee
    Born 18 MAR 1911 Greater London, London, Surrey, United Kingdom
    Died 6 MAR 1992 Buderin, Queensland, Australia (Served in Australian Forces post WW2)
    James N M Lee Coldstream Guards.jpg
    James N M Lee.jpg

  17. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn Hugh McCormick Coldstream Guards 1941
    Born 04 /12 /1913 Birkenhead Cheshire
    Died 08 /11/1990 • Stratford Upon Avon
    Hugh McCormick - Coldstream guards 1941.jpg

  18. Mr Jinks

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    2659961 Gdsmn Arthur Sidney Miller 4th Coldstream Guards
    Wounded 1st February 1945 4th CG.
    Born 09 NOV 1919 Aston, Warwickshire, England
    Died 27 JAN 1994 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

    Sgt C Bayliss Squad April 1940 Coldstream Guards (Gdsmn Miller front row second from the right)

    Back Row: Guardsman T. Stretch, Guardsman T. Baldwin, Trained Soldier J. Harrison, Guardsman J. Smith, Guardsman W. Eden

    Middle Row: Guardsman S. Cobham, Guardsman A. Pickering, Guardsman A. Beck, Guardsman D. Webb, Guardsman J. Clarke, Sergeant G. Bramham, Guardsman A. Davidson, Guardsman S. Sutton, Guardsman W. Riddell, Guardsman J. Parkinson, Guardsman T. Weston

    Front Row: Guardsman J. Adams, Guardsman F. Parker, Guardsman W. Overton, Sergeant R. Allan, Sergeant C. Bayliss, Guardsman J. Bath, Guardsman J. Bath, Guardsman A. Miller, Guarsdman S. Watkin

    4th Battalion Coldstream Guards.jpg
    Arthur Miller.jpg

  19. Mr Jinks

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    Gdsmn James Spilman Coldstream Guards
    Born 11 APR 1904 Keadby Grange, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire
    Died 24 MAR 1971 Kingsclere, Hampshire
    james spilman.jpg
    James Spilman (1).jpg

  20. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    Gdsmn Walter F Burbidge served Coldstream Guards 17/8/1923

    Served Sicily and as a stretcher bearer during the Battle for Caen (Unit not known)
    BIRTH 27 APR 1904 • Potterne, Wiltshire, England
    DEATH 16 OCT 1986 • Hounslow, London, England
    Photo Walter Burbidge in Coldstream Guards.jpg
    Photo 1943 Walter Burbidge. 14.10.jpg


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