Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?

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  1. nickc

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    Did any of your family serve during ww2, if so what did they do?

    I thought this maybe interesting information worth documenting, research or for general purpose, I visit this site and others regularily because of an interest in WW2, and this is because i am proud i had family who served . So i will kick it off with mine.

    Grandfather(mothers side) 79th Armoured Div (1st Fife&Forfar Yeomanry)Crocodile tank operator Sept '44 france

    Great Uncle(Fathers side) Captain in Royal Signal Corps India/HQ British Liberation Army Signals.

    ok i hope this works , if any one wants to add to this then please do so.
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  2. 39thmilitia

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    Mother's father. RAAF instructor pilot. No action.
    Mother's side, not sure who. Killed at Tobruk.
    Father's father. Captured at Singapore.

    All Australians.
  3. spidge


    Good post. I will put a bit in when I get a bit more time.
  4. Jim Clay

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    Quick answer - yes.

    More detailed answer:

    Dad - RAPC and Signals (driver) - no combat; with occupying forces Holland/Germany 45/46.
    Dad's brother - RAF ground crew, UK
    Dad's other brother - dunno
    Dad's brother-in-law - dunno

    Mum's brother - KOYLI, KIA Italy 1944
    Mum's other brother - RA I think, then joined Commandoes (fought at Hill 170, Burma, 1945)
    Mum's 2 brothers-in-law - one was a regular pre-war; dunno regiments.

  5. plant-pilot

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    Most notable was my Uncle. Served on long range patrols in the North African desert, although has never said that he was LRDG, so I am assuming that there were other groups or units that took part in that sort of operation.

    Volunteered for the Parachute Regiment whilst in the far east and was on para cse 78 at Kabrit on 29/10/43 and eventually jumped into Arnhem on the second lift with 11 Bn. Shot under canopy and captured as soon as he hit the ground. He had the POW number 075326 and went to Stalag 12A and is reported to have been moved to Stalag 11A.

    Once his injuries had healed sufficiently he escaped captivity with a friend from a POW camp near Nieheim and hid in a small village called Pömbsen near Bad Driburg, with the help of two teenage farm girls. There they remained within the view of a German observation tower visible through the barn window, until liberated by the arrival of American forces.

    He's 12 foot tall in my eyes and you'll never have anyone prouder of their uncle than me.
  6. Gnomey

    Gnomey World Travelling Doctor


    Grandfather (Dad's side) - RN - Arctic Convoys
    Grandmother (Dad's side) - Womens RN (can't remember the name)
    Grandmother (Dad's side) Brother - KIA - I think in Burma
    Great-Grandfather (Mum's side) - Time & Life War Correspondent (and maybe MI5)
    Other Great-Grandfather (Mum's side) - MI6 - Germany
    Grandparents (Mum's side) - Both too young to serve
  7. redrat

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    a relitive of my grandads was in burma in 1943s i think , he was in the royal west kents , he died fighting japs on the tennise courts at rangoon we belive.
  8. Ali Hollington

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    You might find he was at Kohima and or the battles at Imphal. From memory the RWK where at Kohima and the battle was fought over areas including a tennis court.


  9. morse1001

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    Two uncles in law both served with the same LRDG then Italy and Up to Austria.

    On fathers side, uncles fought with the RAF in both aircrew and Groundcrew.

    Father served with Home Guard from start to finish.

    One aunt Joined Naafi and landed in France in June 1944 as part of EFI.
  10. Mark Hone

    Mark Hone Senior Member

    My Dad was conscripted in 1942, served on an AA battery at Gravesend before joining the 1st Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment in Burma, fighting in Field Marshal Bill Slim's masterly 1944-45 campaign which inflicted the biggest defeat suffered by the Japanese army in the Second World War.
  11. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    What do you mean about your families serving. I am still here mate!!! JUST!

    I served with the Third British Infantry from Sword Beach till after Market Garden at Overloon and Venraij, where my war finished. My company took part in every battle from D day on Sword, until Bremen.

    We were never withdrawn, the only time we were out of the firing line, was between actions, or chasing the Hun.

    I was just 19 on D day. wounded twice, the last time severely. Dont think that all of us have departed this mortal coil...I am very much alive and kicking.

    My mates fell all the way from Sword on the long road across Europe to the City of Bremen.

    Assault Company!
    246 Field Company Royal Engineers.
    The Eighth Brigade
    Third British Infantry Division.
    "Monty's Ironsides"

    My Corps was the most decorated in the Div.
  12. Kitty

    Kitty Very Senior Member

    Mother's father - RCT landed in Normandy in July 44 and then travelled all over and ended up on Russian border, we believe. Beleived to be at Belsen one week after liberation.
    His brother - Parachute Reg. First operational jump in second wave at Arnhem. Half face shot away whilst under canopy, found by Germans and repatriated back to Allied lines. Died 6 weeks later in hospital 300yds from his childhood home of TB/blood poisoning.
    Their 2nd cousin - RAF bomber pilot and night fighters. Died 44 in aircrash in Holland.
    Mother's mother - Radway Green Royal Ordnance
    Mother's aunt - Radway Green Royal Ordnance
    Mother's Uncle - Royal Navy
    Mother's uncle soldier at Dunkirk.
    As to my father's side i have no idea.
  13. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Just so that you can see me alive!

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  14. Kitty

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    Hello Soldier!;)
  15. easygreen

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    My grandfather(fathers side) served in the 22nd Tank Bn., A Co. I believe they were attached to the 11th Armored Division. Fought through Central Europe, Ardennes, and Rhineland campaigns. Never wounded but injured when his tank was hit and jumped out onto a stone wall hurting his back.
  16. 51highland

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    Nice one Sapper.
    My Father, see my website.
    My Uncle, aged 16 & half, but stood 6'7" tall. able seaman on landing craft D Day, had his craft shot from under him on June 6th.
  17. handtohand22

    handtohand22 Senior Member

    Mother's Family

    Mother in WAAF for 3 years
    Uncle Davy Watton in Royal Engineers in Egypt

    Fathers Family

    Father William Gamble was in 6 LAA Battery for the duration of the war.
    Uncle Tom Gamble was in 6 LAA Battery for the duration of the war.
    Uncle Jim Gamble Sgt PTI was in 1st Airborne and survived Arnhem.
    Uncle Robert Gamble was in Ist Airborne and survived Arnhem.
    Uncle Sammy Park was in Hampshire Regiment and RA in Italy.
    Uncle George McLelland was in HAA Battery.

    As all did from the island of Ireland, they all volunteered.

  18. James Harvey

    James Harvey Senior Member


    Grandfather (father's side) Royal Navy- served on boom defence earnt the 39-45 star, Burma Star, France and Germany Star and War Medal.
    Grandmother (father's side) WAAF- served as Barrage Ballon Operator, reached rank of LAC(W) earnt Defence and War Medal.

    My Grandfather's brothers served in the Army and His sister Served in the WReNs. She married Ted Briggs from HMS Hood, they divorced after the war.

    My mothers side were too young for the war.
  19. Marina

    Marina Senior Member

    Dad - Navy Diver.
    Uncle - desert rat
    other uncle - RAF mechanic
  20. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Dad's Father reserved occupation in GWR Works.Too old for WW2 born 1896.Didn't join up WW1 either.

    Mum's Father also too old but served as RAF dog handler "somewhere in Britain"

    Dad's two cousins served in RAF.
    Bill shot down (see my signature.)
    Gerald posted to Australia, married an Aussie, came back to UK but later emmigrated with his young family back to Oz.

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