Did any of your family serve during WW2; if so what did they do?

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    Great photos Brian - thanks for posting them here.
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    This is my great uncle Clarence Bourne, he was on the HMS Repulse when she was sunk along with the HMS Prince of Wales in December 41. He survived the sinking and was taken to Singapore. When he had recovered he was posted to a patrol vessel HMS GIANG BEE. This ship was helping out during the evacuation of the city 6th - 8th February 1942 as it was falling to the Japanese, the patrolvessel was leaving the harbour when it turned back to pick up an official who had been left behind. At some point after this the ship was sunk, it is thought Clar died then but its not known for sure, as some survivors made it to Java but were captured.

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    Apart from the picture of him above which is now proudly on my wall, the only possession my nan had of Clarence was this last letter he ever wrote her, from the Repulse.

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    The first photo is my grandfather, Sgt. Louis Peter, who served in the USAAF in the 98th Fighter Control and later in the 744th Base Unit. He was state-side for most of the war, not heading overseas until February 1945, where he remained for a year. He was first in Egypt, and later in Iraq, mainly at RAF bases.

    In the second photo is my great-uncle, Lt.Col. Clarence Lamping, who flew B-17's with the 385th Bomb Group from Great Ashfield in Suffolk. He was based there from June through October, 1944 and flew two bombing missions on D-Day. In my signature you will find a link about him, his crew, and the 385th Bomb Group.

    These men are my heroes.

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    My Uncle Trooper George William Attwood was with the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars and was Killed in Action on 13 June 1944.

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    My father was in the Army Catering Corps from early 1944 for 25 years.

    GUMALANGI Senior Member

    I dont know,... if my Father and my uncle can be counted as well,..

    My Father M Nando (1927 - 1998) was with Japanese Auxillery attched to IJN,

    My Uncle from Mother side, J Wuisan (1925 - 1943) Was with KNIL ( Imperial Dutch East Indies Legion) during occupation of Japan was then KIA.
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    Just before my father died about 18 months ago, he briefly mentioned that his father had 2 brothers who served in the great war. After my dad passed away i decided to see what i could find on his 2 uncles, and thanks to the great war forum i found them both, Charlie served with the lab cor and survived, and Arthur served with the 20th and 16th lan fus and DOW in 1918, i have since been to France and paid my respects at his graveside, my real interest in ww2 came about when i recently found out that my gt grandfather who was in the boar war and the great war with the Cheshire Reg was at the age of 62 in he merchant navy
    as a fireman when the ship he was serving on, the Sitala, was sunk by a uboat in 1940 and he was the only one that did not survive. Unfortunately this is the only photo i have of my gt grandfather Thomas Dawson, think it must have been taken in the early 1900s.

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    That's a great (and sad) story Whippit.

    Thank you for sharing it with the forum.
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    Whippit, thank you for sharing this story of your family's service to Crown and Country, and for joining the boards.
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    Here's my WW2 relatives...

    My grandfather:

    *Driver George Lyons (1906-88) - T/11056821 RASC

    Initially in Royal Artillery (17 July - 17 August 1941) then RASC (18 August 1941 - 22 March 1946)
    From what I have, the RASC units he served in include:
    503 Coy RASC (11 Armoured Bde) from his drivers ID card of May 1942;
    Force 141 GHQ Car Coy from a drivers standing order of June 1943 - does anyone know what Force 141 was ?;
    717 Car Coy from his marked up map of Siena 1944 ?;
    69 Field Sanitary Section from his Release Leave Certificate of Dec 1945

    Served in North West Africa (from February 1943), Sicily and Italy (to 1946). Places I know he visited / served in were Tunis, Syracuse (Sicily), Bari/San Spirito, Caserta, Rome, Siena, Florence and (on his way back to the UK in 1946) Lausanne.

    Pictured below in 1944 with Africa Star and (I think) 15th Army Group insignia
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    My uncles/great uncles:

    *Fred Lyons (1903-65) - served in Burma in a mortar team

    *John Hemmings (1914-2001) - served in Royal Navy

    *John Bristow (1916-2005) - served in Royal Navy

    *Rifleman EJ (Jim) Whitehorn (1919-44) - 7016638, 2 Royal Ulster Rifles - kia 6 June 1944, commemorated on Bayeux War Memorial. One of only 4 deaths suffered by 2 RUR on D-day. 2 RUR were part of the reserve brigade of 3 Division and landed in late morning after the beaches were cleared. However, the Germans were still shelling the beach and my uncle was killed by shellfire whilst coming ashore

    *Bob Spillane (1922-51) - in the army, served in Normandy ?

    *Sid Holmes (1923-95) - in the Fleet Air Arm, served in Mediterranean

    *Sgt Bill Andrews (1911-93) - a pre war regular in the Sussex Regiment - later transferred to the Commandos and was captured on Crete in 1941 when serving with Layforce. A POW at Stalag 383 (Hohenfels)

    *Harry Norman (1927-80) - served in Royal Navy

    *Fusilier Freddie Waidson (1920-78) - 1 Royal Irish Fusiliers, served in Italy but captured on 24 June 1944 during an attack on Pescia/Ranciano (nr Lake Trasimene). A POW at Stalag VIIa (Moosburg)

    *Gunner George Bristow (1915-89) - served in Royal Artillery - captured in North Africa in 1942

    *Joseph Bristow (1924-) - served in Royal Navy on board HMS Opportune

    *Sapper Robert Stannard (1905-45) - 1928002 - 998 Port Operating Coy, Royal Engineers.

    I also had 2 great uncles (Jim Hemmings and Sonny Redgrave) who were London dockers before (and after the war) - they were both sent to work in the Glasgow docks during the war.
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    Originally posted by andalucia@Jul 24 2005, 04:59 PM
    What a great idea this is. just been reading through the stories, very moving.

    You can read about my grandfather here http://www.freewebs.com/bernardhoganmaltaitalyww2/

    [post=36835]Quoted post[/post]

    very good website
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    here's my bit on this thread

    my father Sgt Arthur Harrison Royal Corps of Signals, (north africa 1941)


    he was a terrier, came out of dunkirk, was a DR with the 8th Army in N africa, Italy, Greece ( and Crete)

    he's at the wheel of the truck here, and just have a look at what they've painted on the door :)


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    Did any of your family serve during ww2, if so what did they do?

    I thought this maybe interesting information worth documenting, research or for general purpose, I visit this site and others regularily because of an interest in WW2, and this is because i am proud i had family who served . So i will kick it off with mine.

    Grandfather(mothers side) 79th Armoured Div (1st Fife&Forfar Yeomanry)Crocodile tank operator Sept '44 france

    Great Uncle(Fathers side) Captain in Royal Signal Corps India/HQ British Liberation Army Signals.

    ok i hope this works , if any one wants to add to this then please do so.
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    Mother's father. RAAF instructor pilot. No action.
    Mother's side, not sure who. Killed at Tobruk.
    Father's father. Captured at Singapore.

    All Australians.
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    Good post. I will put a bit in when I get a bit more time.
  16. Jim Clay

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    Quick answer - yes.

    More detailed answer:

    Dad - RAPC and Signals (driver) - no combat; with occupying forces Holland/Germany 45/46.
    Dad's brother - RAF ground crew, UK
    Dad's other brother - dunno
    Dad's brother-in-law - dunno

    Mum's brother - KOYLI, KIA Italy 1944
    Mum's other brother - RA I think, then joined Commandoes (fought at Hill 170, Burma, 1945)
    Mum's 2 brothers-in-law - one was a regular pre-war; dunno regiments.

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    Most notable was my Uncle. Served on long range patrols in the North African desert, although has never said that he was LRDG, so I am assuming that there were other groups or units that took part in that sort of operation.

    Volunteered for the Parachute Regiment whilst in the far east and was on para cse 78 at Kabrit on 29/10/43 and eventually jumped into Arnhem on the second lift with 11 Bn. Shot under canopy and captured as soon as he hit the ground. He had the POW number 075326 and went to Stalag 12A and is reported to have been moved to Stalag 11A.

    Once his injuries had healed sufficiently he escaped captivity with a friend from a POW camp near Nieheim and hid in a small village called Pömbsen near Bad Driburg, with the help of two teenage farm girls. There they remained within the view of a German observation tower visible through the barn window, until liberated by the arrival of American forces.

    He's 12 foot tall in my eyes and you'll never have anyone prouder of their uncle than me.
  18. Gnomey

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    Grandfather (Dad's side) - RN - Arctic Convoys
    Grandmother (Dad's side) - Womens RN (can't remember the name)
    Grandmother (Dad's side) Brother - KIA - I think in Burma
    Great-Grandfather (Mum's side) - Time & Life War Correspondent (and maybe MI5)
    Other Great-Grandfather (Mum's side) - MI6 - Germany
    Grandparents (Mum's side) - Both too young to serve
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    a relitive of my grandads was in burma in 1943s i think , he was in the royal west kents , he died fighting japs on the tennise courts at rangoon we belive.
  20. Ali Hollington

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    You might find he was at Kohima and or the battles at Imphal. From memory the RWK where at Kohima and the battle was fought over areas including a tennis court.



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