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    MARCH 25, 1945: TREBELL, DONALD FRANCIS (age 31). Buffalo, New York, USA. Lieutenant. Perth Regiment, R.C.I.C. Served during the Italy campagne. While sleep walking he felt out of a second story window. Died from a compact fracture of skull. Plot 11, Row E, Grave 2.
    Full profile: TREBELL, DONALD FRANCIS | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
    web-Headstone-DF-Trebell-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg web-Headstone-DF-Trebell-temporary.jpg <-- temporary marker, Adegem War Cemetery.
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    MARCH 27, 1945: DESBIENS, LORENZO (age 21). Balkow, Ontario, Canada. Gunner (B/17379). Royal Canadian Artillery, 5 Medium Regt. Served during the Italy campagne. Pte Desbiens was injured (compact fracture of skull with gross cerebral injury) and died on admission to hospital as a result of being stuck and knocked down by a truck driven by Tpr Wallas. Plot 10, Row D, Grave 11.
    Full profile: DESBIENS, LORENZO | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
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    MARCH 30, 1945:
    COOKE, GEORGE REESON (age 23). United Kingdom. Flying Officer (16935). Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 5008 Airfield Construction Sqdn. Plot 12, Row E, Grave 4. (Details about death and temporary burial requested.)

    DEVREKER, ANTHONY (age 21). Eerneghem, West Flanders, Belgium. Trooper (A/105460). South Alberta Regiment, R.C.A.C. 29th Armd. Reconnaissance Regt. Awarded the Military Medal. Died of wounds near the Rhine river, Netherlands while clearing a round from Sherman tank. Plot 11, Row H, Grave 3.
    Full profile: DEVREKER, ANTHONY M.M. | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
    web-Headstone-A-Devreker-ph.Michael-vd-Velde.jpg 450330-a-devreker.jpg
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