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    Dear all,

    I'd like to use the first post of this topic as an overview.
    Since the start of this topic lots of new information has been collected and processed. As well with the help from WW2Talk forum members (Thank You).

    Website: Home | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem

    GPS coordinates and cemetery plan:
    • Prins Boudewijnlaan, Maldegem, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium
    • Latitude: 51.20272 Longitude: 3.50546 (51.202225241894105,3.5052695994650094)

    AWARDS (unfinished)

    British Empire Medal
    BATTERSBY, Francis
    JENSEN, Fred Hogilt

    Croix de Guerre 1940 avec Palme (6)
    COLWELL, William Robert
    DREAVER, Harvey
    GIBB, Marvin James
    KNOWLES, Ellis Albin
    LEWIS, Thomas Cripps
    RENAULT, Stephen Emil
    STEEVES, Morris William

    Distinguished Flying Cross (2)
    ROBINSON, George Douglas
    ROBINSON, Ronald James

    Distinguished Flying Medal (2)
    WHITE, Lewis Alan
    HOWELL, Jack

    Distinguished Service Order (1)
    LEWIS, Thomas Cripps

    Mentioned in Despatches (13)
    ANDRECYK, Frank
    BEVAN, George Norman
    BRUTON, Norman Kenneth
    COWAN, David Lacy
    DUTCHER, Thomas Clair
    ELLENWOOD, Robert Wilson
    EVANS, Evan Glyndwr
    FISHER, Robert
    FROUDE, Richard
    JAMES, Archibald Herbert John
    LEWIS, Thomas Cripps
    MOONEY, Thomas Edmund
    QUINN, Murray Francis

    Military Cross (1)
    COUNSELL, Ronald Rainey

    Military Medal (8)
    CLENDINNING, William Henry
    DEVREKER, Anthony
    ELLENWOOD, Robert Wilson
    FOSTER, Raymond Donald
    FRANCIS, Benjamin Richard
    KAWIUK, George
    MACNEILL, William Howe Kirk
    MILNE, Donald James

    DIEPPE RAID (14)
    ALLISON, James Melville Murray (UK)
    DAVIES, Leonard Owen (CAN)
    FINDLAY, Williams John (CAN)
    HATTON, George (UK)
    HEINZ, Joseph (CAN)
    HOUSER, Stewart Kenneth (CAN)
    HUGHAN, John (CAN)
    LAING, Andrew Joseph (CAN)
    MURRAY, John (CAN)
    PARENT, Ernest (CAN)
    PREECE, Ralph Bertram (CAN)
    RENNIE, James (CAN)
    TAYLOR, James (CAN)
    TEMPLEMAN, Martin (CAN)

    LANDED ON D-DAY (122)
    ABRAMSON, Roderick William (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    AMIRO, Albert Mark (Royal Canadian Engineers)
    ANDRECYK, Frank (North Nova Scotia Highlanders)
    ARMSTRONG, Harold Druce (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    ARSENEAU, Hector Thomy (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    ATKINSON, Charles Arthur (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    BAKER, William Francis Henry (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    BARR, Harold Allen (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    BARRETT, James Morgan (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada)
    BEAMISH, Wilfred Crandale (Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps)
    BEATTY, William Wesley (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    BELLEGARDE, Maurice (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    BLACK, Andrew James (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    BOUTILIER, Gordon (North Nova Scotia Highlanders)
    BRUTON, Norman Kenneth (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    BULCROFT, Stanley Carroll (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    CAMPBELL, Hector (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada)
    CHALK, Arthur Edward (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    CHOBOTUK, Michael (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    COBB, Frank Howard (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    COCHRANE, James (Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa M.G.)
    CONWAY, John Grant (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    COUSENS, Clifford John Ernest (Royal Canadian Engineers, 16 Field Coy)
    COWIE, Henry William (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    CRAWFORD, George Leslie (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    DAIGNEAULT, John (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    DARLING, William Ivan (Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa M.G.)
    DIXON, Ernest Alexander (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    DONTIGNY, Charles Edward (Le Regitment de la Chaudiere)
    DREAVER, Harvey (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    DUGAS, Paul Eugene (Le Regiment de la Chaudiere)
    DUNCAN, Arthur (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    EVANS, Lloyd Robert (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    FALLIS, William Norman (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    FISHER, Robert (Royal Canadian Engineers)
    FOSTER, Raymond Donald (Royal Canadian Engineers)
    FRANCIS, Benjamin Richard (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    GASS, Leonard Keith (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    GEGEAR, D'Arcy James (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    GIBB, Marvin James (Royal Canadian Army Medal Corps, 23 Field Amb)
    GIGUERE, Albert (Le Regiment de la Chaudiere)
    GILLESPIE, Arthur James (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    GOBEIL, Albert (Le Regiment de la Chaudiere)
    HAMILTON, Hill (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    HAYCOCK, Walter Clare (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    HEAD, Perry William (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    HICKMAN, John Lockhart (Royal Canadian Engineers)
    HOLLOHAN, John Joseph (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    HORNE, Robert Daniel (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    HOZEMPA, Peter Allan (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    JACQUES, William Henry (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    JAMES, Archibald Herbert John (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    JENNINGS, Claudius Harper (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    JENSEN, Fred Hogilt (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    JOHNSTON, Garth Gordon (Royal Winnipeg Rilfes of Canada)
    JONES, Albert James (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    JORDAN, Freeman Howard (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    KELLY, Archibald Bell (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    KIRBY, Roy Fredrick (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    KNOWLES, Ellis Albin (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    KOZACK, Alexander (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    LEIGHTON, Roy William (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    LACHOWSKI, Emil John (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    LAUBER, Charles Herbert (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    LAYCOCK, Robert Bruce (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment - Landed 6/6/44 with NNSH)
    LIVESEY, William Richard (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    LOGAN, John Edward (Royal Canadian Engineers)
    LORD, Frederick Arthur James (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    LURGES, Bernard Joseph (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    MACINTOSH, Orbie (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    MACNEILL, William Howe Kirk (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    MCBLAIN, Malcolm Thomas (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    MCCARTNEY, Alex Cunningham (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    MCCOL, Hugh (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    MCDAVID, Carson Carl (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    MCDONALD, John Ingram (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    MCGILLIVRAY, Borden (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    MCRAE, Jarvis Alloun (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    MEHAN, Floyd David (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    MILLER, Wilfred Henry (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    MILNE, Donald James (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    MORRISON, John (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    MUNK, Milan (North Nova Scotia Highlanders)
    MURDOCH, John Lawrence (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    MURPHY, Edward Albert (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    NICHOLSON, William Edmund (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    NIEZNANY, Alex (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    PALLISTER, Joseph Hudson (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    PASQUINO, Donald (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    PASSMORE, George Leslie (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    PATE, Simon Amble (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    PEARSON, Percy Aigner (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    PERRIGO, Lawrence Peter (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    PHANEUF, Eugene Joseph (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    PHILBROOK, James George (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    PITTNER, Joseph John (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    PRAYZNER, Joseph (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    RENAUD, Leo Eugene (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    RENAULT, Stephen Emil (Royal Canadian Artillery)
    RILEY, Quenn (North Nova Scotia Highlanders)
    ROTHWELL, Edward (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada)
    SAUVE, Leo (Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa M.G.)
    SCOTT, David Herbert (Regina Rifle Regiment)
    SCRIBE, Kenneth (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    SHORT, William (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    SHUTER, Wilfred John (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada)
    SMITH, Leslie (Canadian Scottish Regiment)
    SMITH, Robert Williams (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    SMITH, Russell Charles (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    SPENCER, Melville Kenneth Mitchell (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    SPICER, Arnold Edward (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
    STAROSTIC, William (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada)
    STEEVES, Morris William (North Short (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    SUMARA, Albin Frank (North Nova Scotia Highlanders)
    SUTHERLAND, Robert Jamieson Gordon (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders)
    THIBEAU, Edmund Raymond (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    VOUTOUR, Joseph Amedee (North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment)
    WARD, Harvey Albert (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    WEIS, Alvin Edward (Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa M.G.)
    WERRY, Everet Gordon (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    WEST, William Daniel (Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada)
    WILDSMITH, William Ralph (Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps)


    12th Manitoba Dragoons - 3
    14th Canadian Hussars - 1
    17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars - 9
    48th Highlanders of Canada - 1
    Algonquin Regiment - 68
    Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's) - 28
    Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada - 5
    British Columbia Regiment - 6
    Calgary Highlanders - 1
    Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (M.G.) - 9
    Canadian Grenadier Guards - 10
    Canadian Scottish Regiment - 38
    Essex and Kent Scottish - 6
    Governor General's Foot Guards - 6
    Le Regiment de la Chaudiere - 32
    Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal - 6
    Lincoln and Welland Regiment - 31
    Loyal Edmonton Regiment - 1
    New Brunswick Rangers - 1
    North Nova Scotia Highlanders - 35
    North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment - 40
    Perth Regiment - 1
    Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada - 24
    Queen's Own Rifles of Canada - 22
    Royal Hamilton Light Infantry - 2
    Royal Montreal Regiment - 11
    Royal Regiment of Canada - 5
    Royal Winnipeg Rifles - 66
    Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders - 40
    The Elgin Regiment - 1
    The Lake Superior Regiment - 22
    The Regina Rifle Regiment - 69
    (to be continued...)

    Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment - 1
    Corps of Military Police - 1
    East Surrey Regiment - 1
    East Yorkshire Regiment - 5
    Gloucestershire Regiment - 2
    Grenadier Guards - 6
    King's Own Scottish Borderers - 1
    Lincolnshire Regiment - 3
    Middlesex Regiment - 1
    Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry - 1
    Reconnaissance Corps - 9
    Royal Air Force - 14
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve - 61
    Royal Armoured Corps - 6
    Royal Army Medical Corps - 1
    Royal Army Service Corps - 4
    Royal Artillery - 22
    Royal Berkshire Regiment - 9
    Royal Corps of Signals - 3
    Royal Engineers - 23
    Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) - 1
    Royal Navy - 4
    Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - 1 (Dieppe Raid)
    Royal Sussex Regiment - 17
    South Lancashire Regiment - 1
    Suffolk Regiment - 2
    The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) - 10
    Worcestershire Regiment - 1
    (to be continued...)

    Royal Australian Air Force - 2

    Royal New Zealand Air Force - 2

    Polish Air Force - 2
    (to be continued...)

    * These numbers are identified soldiers
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  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Remembered Wargrave war Memorial,Berkshire

    Service Number 5383165

    Died 17/05/1940

    Aged 26

    4th Bn.
    Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry

    Son of Kathline Buckett; husband of Ivy Christine Buckett, of Wargrave, Berkshire.

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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    Plot 12, Row C, Grave 3 - Adegem, Belgium.

    I don't have any further details.
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  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Remembered Stoke Poges ,St Giles church,Buckinghamshire.



    Flying Officer (Pilot)HARTLEY, JOHN WILLIAM
    Service Number 152698

    Died 21/09/1944

    Aged 22

    271 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Son of William and Violet Hartley, of Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, England.

  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Remembered Chesham war memorial,Buckinghamshire
    Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner) NASH, STANLEY WALTER
    Service Number 1293004

    Died 31/10/1942

    Aged 21

    107 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Son of William and Annie Nash, of Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    88 Squadron Boston III Z2179 F/O. Collings, RAF Great Massingham, Lt. Paul Galland, 8./JG26, Between Jonkershove and Houthulst, Belgium
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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    To start with, does anyone have war diary from Canadian 3rd inf. div. and 4th armoured div from september till november 1944? That would be great!
  8. graeme

    graeme Senior Member


    Frederick George VINCENT
    Guardsman 2612591
    1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards
    Died Saturday 18 May 1940

    Frederick was born in Walsall to John and Amelia (née Jones) Vincent of 123, Marlow Street, Walsall, his father being an iron caster.

    He was educated at Croft Street School where he was a member of the swimming and football teams and had served for three years in the Army prior to being recalled to service on reserve at the outbreak of war.

    Frederick was married to Annie Elizabeth (known as Nance) Morgan at Walsall in 1937 and lived at 82, Croft Street, Walsall with her and their two children, Valerie of 4 years and Maxwell of 16 months at the time of his death.

    Frederick was killed when he got off a tank to go to the assistance of an officer in another tank ahead of his which had been hit by a bomb from a German aeroplane. As he did so another aircraft released a bomb killing Frederick instantly.

    The War Diary records,

    “16 May 1940 - Louvain.

    5am Intense shelling of King’s Company and Battalion H.Q. Area. King’s Company ? to move Company H.Q. This shelling continued till the late afternoon.

    1150am. Shell blast in the entrance to Battalion H.Q. but very luckily there was only one casualty, wounded.

    7.30pm. Orders were issued for a withdrawal to Berchem St. Agathe, west of Brussels. The battalion withdrew in following order:- H.Q. Company: King’s Company: No. 4 Company: No. 3 Company: No. 2 Company, which could act as ? until the battalion passed through 2nd Battalion ? ? who were holding a line in rear.

    On reaching a rendezvous on the main road Louvain-Cortenberg-Brussels some companies were embussed in motor transport of the brigade and shuttled towards Batavia Inn and Vilvorde. The roads were very congested with Belgian Troops and refugees.

    17 May 1940 - Berchem

    0730am. St. Agathe. The battalion arrived at Berchem-St. Agathe, washed, shaved and had breakfasts.

    1030am. Battalion ? to more motor transport to the line of the River Dendre. There was considerable aerial bombs and machine guns on the route from Brussels to Ninove. One bomb fell on the road in front of Lieutenant Hanbury’s vehicle but luckily failed to explode.

    The Commanding Officer had proceeded the battalion for a reconnaissance and on arrival companies occupied positions in support of ? to the right rear of the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards. 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards in reserve with Brigade H.Q. at Denderhautem. King’s Company - right No. 2 Company - centre No. 4 Company - left No. 3 Company - in reserve. Battalion H.Q. was established in a farm house near the Merrbeke. The battalion dug in during the night.

    18 May 1940 - River Dendre.

    Battalion continued to consolidate the position and there was a certain amount of enemy air activity.

    9.30pm. Orders were issued for withdrawal to the line of the River Escault.”

    Frederick was buried in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery, Maldegem, Oost-Vlaaderen in Grave VI.AB.9 on Thursday 12 January 1978 from ‘Opbrakel Chyd No. 1’, the cemetery being situated midway between Brugge and Gent. He was 28 years of age.

    Do you have a headstone picture at all, please


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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    Graeme, many thanks for the info. Do you know more about the fallen Grenadier Guards?
    At Adegem are buried:
    - 400518 FALLA, JOHN (3rd Bn.)
    - 400518 VINCENT, FREDERICK GEORGE (1st Bn.)
    - 400520 DEFERM, SAMUEL (2nd Bn.)
    - 400520 REYNOLDS, JOHN JAMES (2nd Bn.)
    - 400520 ROWLEY, ALFRED (2nd Bn.)
    - 400604 SIMPKIN, HORACE EDWARD (don't know the Bn.)

    I'm trying to profile every soldier with a name on his headstone like this:
    BARRETT, JAMES MORGAN | Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem
    Usually I'm getting this info from service records, but I can't get my hands on the British records. Just didn't found the right source yet.

    And on Facebook I'll post the names on each day there are casualties to report.
    Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

    Attached the headstone. Do you want the other 5 as well?

    Attached Files:

  10. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    just to be clear the only correct way to get the British service records is this link
    which cost £30 per request.

    Hopefully forum members will add as much info for you as they can
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    Thats gonna be expansive. 253 British x 30 makes 7590 pounds.
  12. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    hello yes I know

    I was just making the point that the service records are not freely available for British forces via the internet.
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    vestingjager Well-Known Member

    Canadian War Diaries are free via heritage Canada, see the resources section: Updated Resource - Heritage Canadiana War Diaries Spreadsheet
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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

  15. vestingjager

    vestingjager Well-Known Member

  16. mvdv84

    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    July 5, 1940: GRAY, WILLIAM (age 30), United Kingdom. Private (4341225), East Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Plot 4, ROW AB, Grave 7. Temporary buried at Klemskerke churchyard, Belgium.

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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    Anyway knows anything about the crash of 99 Squadron RAF or RAFVR on July 31, 1941?
    Crew CWGC ->Results
  18. vestingjager

    vestingjager Well-Known Member

    From 'België in Oorlog 4 - RAF Bommenwerpers boven België 1940-1942' By Cynrik De Decker and Jean-Louis Roba:

    Wellington T2957 LN-A of 99th Squadron left the runway at 0018 for a raid on Köln.
    It exploded over Kemzeke (East Flanders).

    George Bevan and Thomas Hickx: PILOTS
    Bernard Curtiss: OBSERVER
    William Herrod and Wallace Wyatt: RADIO OPERATORS
    Frederick Molteni: TAIL GUNNER

    All buried at Adegem.

    See also: Monument crash Wellington T2957 99 Sqn | Hangar Flying
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    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    July 6, 1940: ANSTEY, FREDERICK ROBERT (age 30). United Kingdom. Lance Corporal (5179708), Gloucestershire Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Plot 5, Row AB, Grave 8. Temporary buried at Klemskerke churchyard, Belgium.

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  20. mvdv84

    mvdv84 Well-Known Member

    July 12, 1940: WARES, WILLIAM (age 21). United Kingdom. Gunner (900707), Royal Artillery, 76 Field Regt. Plot 6, Row AB, Grave 1. Temporary grave, Sint Donatuskerk churchyard, Zeebrugge, Belgium.

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