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  1. BrianM59

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    Got to be something in that vein - 'Military Demobilisation Unit'?
  2. borneo72

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    I think Demobilisation is probably the correct title.
  3. amberdog45

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    Thanks for all the responses. Demob is probable. Thanks for the link Brian, interesting read.
  4. BrianM59

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    You're most welcome, I thought it was intersting. 'Twas but a lucky Google hit, but the army really love(d) abbreviations and I'm convinced some officers and units made their own up!
  5. Tom Canning

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    You got that right that we sometimes made up the abbreviations ourselves - one notable classic was the "BAR " which meant "burn after reading" on many

    security bits of bumf - suddenly there appears a new one of "BBR" - which had everyone scratching their heads until the penny dropped that it was "BURN BEFORE

    READING "..didn't go far though…

  6. tmac

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    Does MDU stand for Military Dispersal Unit? I've seen these initials on my father's discharge papers.
  7. borneo72

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    Could be Mobile Decontamination Unit, or Mine Disposal unit if he was Royal Engineers ?
  8. Richard Lewis

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    Appears in 3 Recce Regt's War Diary, first two entries in July1941 and third in February 1943. First time I saw it I thought it was meant to be PAD (Passive Air Defence), but three entries and by two different officers?

    Gas Training 1942 pamphlet that I have mentions the appointment of Gas Officers in Battalions but nothing that could be abbreviated to PAG.


  9. RosyRedd

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    ULIA = Unattached List Indian Army
  10. TrueBlueAngel

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    Does anyone know if MT could also mean military training? I'm looking at the date of 20.7.40 where my grandfather was tos from M.T. Personnel...... I can't read much more on that sentence. But military training would make more sense.

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  11. idler

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    MT Personnel Coy No.1 Depot Bn RASC

    Everything there points to MT being Mechanical/Motor Transport, not military training.
  12. TrueBlueAngel

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    Thankyou! Struggling to decipher a lot of the writing
  13. bamboo43

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    MT is normally Mechanical or Motor Transport.
  14. TrueBlueAngel

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    Thanks, can anyone please decipher the entries dated 20.11.40 and 26.12.40. Can't read or find abbreviations for these.

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  15. idler

    idler GeneralList

    Granted leave at SR? The last bit might refers to a ration allowance.
    Posted to 7 MSD Manchester - something Supply Depot, possibly Main.
  16. TrueBlueAngel

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    Sorry, more abbreviations questions...TT, AQ, class III, H/R/M, ctba, I.A(D), crase (though I'm sure I'm reading that wrong), X spec r/c x(8).

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  17. RCG

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    Passed TT (Technical training) exams Storeman Class C grade 3 Assistant Quartermaster only.

    Ceased to be attached to 8 Base Supply Depot for other? assignment with effect from 16/6/43.

    Admitted 23 General Hospital posted x 2 10/12/43. posted x 2 this could mean the time he was going to be there or possible part of the hospital he was in.

    reclassed Class A1 (d) wef 1/12/43 (missing 1 so poss 11th)
    A1 means he was fit (d) means he still had something not a 100% right.
    will look up codes later.

    As it appears that he was also working in hospitals I think crase is actually CMS e
    CMS (AD) is civilian Medical services (Army Dept).

    will go through it again later.
  18. Tullybrone

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  19. TrueBlueAngel

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    Thankyou, that's really helpful! Could the hospital part also mean he may have been a patient? I know he was shot in the war, I just don't know when. How else would I be able to find out?
  20. Tullybrone

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    Medical details are held by MOD with service papers but they won't release them unless under exceptional circumstances - family history purposes not considered an exceptional reason. The Canadian WW2 service files online have all the medical forms with them.

    I haven't got a service record in front of me at the moment but doesn't one of the forms have a space to record wounds or injuries sustained?

    Steve Y


    You could check the casualty lists in The Times online.

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