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    Infantry Training Depot?
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    Infantry Training Depot?
    Hi Mike yes could be can't find it anywhere else.

    Many thanks,

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    Another one i'm having trouble with is an entry which looks like 'Classified I (o) Scale D \arrears applied for from 16/3/43' this just after he left hospital is it to do with pay and the fitness class perhaps?


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    I'm stuck on a few service record abbreviations... Bold letters only required:

    P.C.A.U. (or could be P.L.A.U)

    Reverts to HE and SOS

    Proceeding to No. 2 MDD (or could be MDO), York.

    Posted Y/2 List

    Thanks for any help - unit is Para AAC
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    HE is probably Home Establishment. I haven't got a formal definition of this but it seems to relate to detached personnel returning to their parent regiments with a loss of non-substantive ranks.
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    Thanks, makes sense. He was granted LIAP about this time then went back to Airborne Forces Depot.
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    PCAU comes up on Google as Parachute Course Administration Unit which goes back to at least the late 40's.
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    Thanks again, that would be it. I searched everywhere! Date was around April '47 until released to reserve in December '47
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    The seach string was simply PCAU Parachute - an educated guess!
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    I am researching my late father's war service with the RASC and[FONT=&quot] have come across two consecutive entries in his service record, the first of which requires some investigation. It reads “Admitted to R.M.P. 11.6.41 – Discharged 13.6.41”. RMP is the usual abbreviation for the Army Military Police. It is entirely possible that he may have been in a bit of trouble but there is no record of any punishment – there is such an entry later on in his service record which lists both the charges and the punishment. Furthermore, the next entry, in the same handwriting reads, “Admitted to Inverness Infirmary wef 17.6.41”. In this case, did RMP stand for anything else? One possibility is the Regimental Medical Post. I have very fond memories of travelling to Inverness at this time with my mother. We stayed on a farm and met Dad while he was a patient. I can remember him, in his battledress, stomping across a field to meet us, complete with a large plaster cast on his ankle which he had broken during a football match.[/FONT]

    Regards, Jack
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    From 3 Recce’s War Diary of 5th October 1945 whilst in Bensberg, Germany:

    "One hundred & eight ORs posted to this Regt and TOS from 2 ARU (A & S Gps 27 and below, except 2)".

    ARU? Anyone any ideas? Only thing I’ve found is Aircraft Repair Unit!


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    Armoured reinforcement unit ?

    Just a thought.......

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    What do the following abbreviations mean please
    Admitted 1/S.a. Con Dept
    discharged to x(18)a
    posted XIVa
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    Jack - it appears that the Military Police didn't get the prefix 'Royal; until after the war, in 1946. Until then they were the Corps of Military Police and abbreviated CMP, or simply MP. I can't see any reference to 'RMP' being a military prison either. Given the circumstances I'd bet on something medical, but in my dad's paybook it refers to M.O - Medical Officer? It doesn't help that not only was the army fond of abbreviations, it would abbreviate anything and everything for the sake of it - and not always in a consistent manner either. There are veterans on here who have alluded to that habit more than once.
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    Does any know what MDU Zone 1 means? I notice it is written on my Dad's Soldier Release Book and I also notice it is on his Statement of Service, but it is written on that as MDU 29/12/46. Thanks in advance. - Maria
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    Could it be Military Discharge Unit ?

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