633 Coy General Transport in Normandy

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    Afternoon All,

    I am researching a chap who embarked on 11th June 44 and was a Driver with 633 Coy GT RASC. Would anyone know their movements in June 44 please? Any help or pointers would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks :)
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    I’ve got some of their war diary for 1944 I think, I’ll have a look later.


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    All I was doing was just pointing out that the moderators don't like duplicate posts.
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    You can take a horse to water but ..............................
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    Hopefully this helps your research. It's from WO171/2506)

    1 June 1944 LIVERMERE
    Q Pln depart Marshalling Camp R7 and proceed to Embarkation Point at FELIXSTOWE.

    2 June 1944
    Q Pln embarked onto L.C.Ts at 0630 hrs, cast off immediately and anchored in River ORWELL.
    A Pln moved from Marshalling Camp A11 and proceeded to GOSPORT HARDS where they embarked on L.S.Ts.

    3 June 1944
    A Pln anchored off RYDE PIER.

    4 June 1944
    A + Q Plns awaiting orders to sail.

    5 June 1944
    Q Pln underway by 0800 hrs. Seas very rough. Pass through Straits of Dover at 2200 hrs. No activity.
    A Pln sailed from SOLENT at 1830 hrs. No enemy action whilst crossing Channel. Hyosin Tablets issued to all men as sea was very rough.

    6 June 1944
    Q Pln sighted FRENCH COAST at approx. 2200 hrs. Heavy gunfire and bombing. L.S.T. anchored off-shore.
    A Pln arrived off FRENCH COAST at 1300 hrs and dropped anchor about 3½ miles from shore. Beaches under shell and mortar fire. DUKWs unloaded and swam in loose formation to shore, led by R.A.S.C. motor launch “GROUSE”. All DUKWs arrived without mishap. Pre-loads off-loaded at Sector Stores Dumps and F.D.S. Medical evacuation commenced immediately. Roads and beaches very congested. Pln H.Q. established and line run to CEP.

    7 June 1944
    Q Pln start for shore at 0730 hrs, the first DUKW landing at 0815 hrs. Pre-loads off-loaded and medical evacuation to L.S.T. commenced.
    A Pln continued evacuation of casualties under difficult conditions. Sea very choppy and beaches continually shelled, bombed and machine-gunned. Medical evacuation continued throughout the night without respite. Platoon location sniped all day and occasional air attacks made on G.T. Park. One driver injured by mine and evacuated to U.K.

    8 June 1944
    H.Q. and W/S prepare to leave Concentration Area LIVERMERE and move to Marshalling Area.
    Q Pln vehicle park and personnel dive-bombed twice during night. 4 bombs dropped in park. 4 DUKWs out of action. Evacuation of casualties continued at 0600 hrs. Detail changed in afternoon to unloading of 25 lb ammo. Enemy air activity continued throughout night – personnel quartered in deep slit trenches.
    A Pln continued evacuation of casualties at 0445 hrs and carried on until nightfall. Maintenance of DUKWs done after every double sea trip. Bombing and sniping continued.

    9 June 1944
    H.Q. and W/S arrived at Marshalling Area, Camp T.6, PURFLEET.
    Q Pln commenced ammo detail under 104 Beach Sub Area. Detail changed in afternoon to medical evacuation.
    A Pln carried on medical evacuation on a smaller scale from 0730 hr to 1630 hrs. Heavy air attack on Pln location at 2330 hrs.

    10 June 1944
    Q Pln carried on with ammunition detail.
    Heavy air attack on A Pln location commencing 0100 hrs. Three drivers wounded and evacuated to U.K. One DUKW burnt out and six others holed by shrapnel. Ammunition and medical details carried out during day and night. Another air attack on location at 1500 hrs. One N.C.O. hit by shrapnel and evacuated to U.K.

    11 June 1944
    H.Q. + W/S embark on U.S. L.S.T. 238 at EAST INDIA DOCK, LONDON. L.S.T. sailed 2100 hrs and anchored off SOUTHEND PIER.
    Q Pln carried on with ammunition and medical details until 2330 hrs.
    A Pln on medical evacuation from 0500 hrs until 2200 hrs.

    12 June 1944
    Q Pln carried on with medical evacuation and ammunition details from 0600 hrs until 2330 hrs.
    A Pln commenced medical evacuation and ammunition unloading at 1730 hrs. Heavy air attack at 2330 hrs. One DUKW damaged beyond repair and two others badly holed.

    13 June 1944
    HQ + W/S sailed from R. THAMES at 1000 hrs and arrived off FRENCH COAST at 2230 hrs. Sea very rough.
    Q Pln continued with Medical evacuation and ammunition details.
    A Pln on medical evacuation from 0545 hrs until 2330 hrs.

    14 June 1944
    HQ + W/S land and proceed to Coy location at RYES at 1300 hrs.
    Q Pl move into location at ASNELLES-SUR-MER.
    A Pln on ammunition detail. One DUKW shelled at sea, driver being wounded by shrapnel and evacuated to U.K.

    15 June 1944 RYES
    W/S establish recovery points at BAYEUX and RYES.
    HQ contacts platoons.
    Q Pln continuing with Medical Evacuation and Amn. details.
    A Pln carrying out Medical Evacuation on a small scale.

    16 June 1944 RYES
    Q Pln on Medical Evacuation. A Pln unloaded R.E. Stores.

    17 June 1944 RYES
    Q Pln carried out Medical Evacuation and ammunition details.
    R.A.M.C. reported that A Pln would no longer be required for Medical Evacuation.

    18 June 1944 RYES
    Q Pln working on coasters all through the night.
    One N.C.O. from A Pln evacuated to U.K. afer DUKW accident.

    19 June 1944 RYES
    Q Pln discharging assorted cargoes from 0500 hrs until 2000 hrs when rough seas made further work impossible.
    A Pln working until 1200 hrs when rough seas stopped work.

    20 June 1944 RYES
    Q Pln attempted to carry on unloading but sea still too rough to continue. One DUKW over-turned.
    Sea too rough to allow A Pln to work.

    21 June 1944 RYES
    Q Pln still unable to operate in the morning, but in the afternoon 5 DUKWs were employed evacuating casualties from 31 FDS to L.S.T.
    A Pln spent day on painting and maintenance.

    22 June 1944 RYES
    Weather conditions improved and Q Platoon commenced unloading cargo in the afternoon and carried on through the night.
    A Pln re-started work in afternoon but ceased at 2200 hrs owing to be beach being shelled all evening.

    23 June 1944 RYES
    Sea moderate. All available DUKWs from Q Pln carried on unloading coasters throughout the day.
    A Pln working until midnight, one section carrying on through the night. Beach and lateral road were shelled through the night.

    24 June 1944
    H.Q, W/S and Q Pln move to HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER.

    25 June 1944 HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER
    Coy started to operate off Peter Red Beach (LION-SUR-MER).
    D.C.P. opened at 0900 hrs. Slight shelling throughout day and night.

    26 June 1944 HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER
    A Pln moved to Coy location at HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER.
    DUKWs working throughout day but weather very bad at night.

    27 June 1944 HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER
    Q Pln unloading mixed cargoes from coasters.
    A Pln erecting camouflage etc in their new location.
    Area heavily shelled at night but none in locaiton.

    28 June 1944 HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER
    All DUKWs engaged on unloading two coasters from 0500 hrs until 1500 hrs when 299 Coy took over detail. Sea calm, weather fine.

    29 June 1944 HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER

    Maj. H.J. Corry posted to H.Q.R.A.S.C. 39 Tpt Coln.
    Maj. P.S. Savage takes over command of Unit on posting from 9 Coy R.A.S.C. (G.T.).

    30 June 1944 HERMANVILLE-SUR-MER
    Normal work. Weather fine. No enemy activity.

    I hope that helps.


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    Thats very kind Tom, many thanks :) He embarked on the 11th June and then took up trade training as a Clerk from August onwards.
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    Thats absolutely epic Tom and really appreciated and certainly a welcome change from sarcastic quips to a newcomer. The family of the veteran I am researching will be very happy indeed. Cheers mate :)
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