2658249 James Herbert AUTY, MM, 3 coldstream guards

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    24th Guards Brigade, 6th S.A. Armoured Division, 13 Corps
    2658249 Corporal, Lance-Sergeant James Herbert AUTY, 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    On the 17th July 1944 No. 4 Company was ordered to take hill 701.

    On approaching the objective the leading Platoon was pinned down by heavy machine gun fire. In spite of this and action on his own initiative, Lance-Sergeant AUTY who was one of the leading Platoon's Section commanders, disengaged his Section and although still under fire moved his Section round to where it was in a position to assault a house from where the bulk of the fire was coming.

    As soon as he was in position, and in face of heavy fire, Lance-Sergeant AUTY led the assault on the house, forced the Germans from it, and himself shot two of them.

    By his quickness of action and disregard of danger Lance-Sergeant AUTY enabled his Platoon to regain its manoeuvrability and thus saved it from suffering severe casualties.

    Signed Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    Granted an Immediate M.M.
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