Who first thought of "Blitzkrieg" and when was the word first used ?

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    Here is what I got on newspapers.com. Ignore the 1936 entry for the Wausau newspaper, the site got it wrong and the issue in question actually appeared not in 1936 but in November 1940.
    Newspapers.com search
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    I know. Original sources are always more interesting than secondary authorities and often more reliable as well.
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    I'd argue that Fall Gelb and Fall Rot happened as they did primarily due to the manner in which the Allies - principally the French - conducted their side of the battle.

    In that sense, I do believe the Heer demonstrated significant tactical superiority.

    But appearing superior compared to shoddy is not something to really crow about. The French had all the physical tools necessary to give the Heer a damn good shoeing. The way they used their tools resulted in receiving a damn good shoeing themselves. Even rubbish looks good against the diabolical.

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