Weybourne Camp, Holt, Norfolk, England

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    Does anyone know if Weybourne Camp was a site used for special forces and the like? I know that it was a secure area due to possible invasion and was a training area for an Anti-Aircraft artillery. But was it also a 'secret training site' for commando, auxiliary units, for example?

    Reason I ask is that my late father in-law mention explosives training near Holt. He was not in the military but a civilian. He also recalled attending a vehicle training course with London Transport (motorbikes, cars, trucks) and weapons training out at the airfield we now call Heathrow.
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    Winter 1939-1940 5th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment in occupation on coastal watch and guarding the King at Sandringham. H. Churchill, Prisoners on the Kwai (2005) 75
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