Wehrmacht Generals Who Became Bundeswehr Officers (& other ranks with dual service)

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by Gerard, Aug 26, 2005.

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    I remember The Bedford Incident where the
    wonderful Eric Portman plays a former U-Boot
    commander now assisting the US in Soviet sub
    hunting tactics.

    Presumably many of these 'retired' mariners would
    have been employed in a hush-hush way? I wonder
    what stories lie there!
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    Here are a few others.

    Max-Josef Pemsel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Max pemsel also narrowly avoided becoming the last commandant of Berlin

    Edgar Feuchtinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If he was British he might have been described as a cad and a bounder. Not technically asleep when the allies landed as in bed with his mistress, an exotic dancer ;) Post war I think he was employed by the US Army but was a spy for the DDR. I read somewhere that he died under mysterious circumstances after meeting his handler in East Berlin.

    Anoither wehrmacht and Bundeswehr officer and prolific writer about tanks and military history was Ferdinand Maria von Senger und Etterlin.Ferdinand Maria von Senger und Etterlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He was wounded at Stalingrad, which saved him from captivity and lost his right arm in Aug 1944. He was commander AFCent in 1979. His father was the general Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Missed this.
    Lordy, a man who handed over disposition docs to Zhukov pottering around NATO HQs in the 50s... Can't help thinking that's exactly the kind of experience one might hope to see in the higher echelons of military command. That right there, is an officer who's been round the block a bit.

    Equally fascinating that such chatty/gossipy notes were being passed around by counterparts in former allied nations - and who could blame 'em.

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    A continuation of the tone from the earlier era in many of the comments on file.

    For the most part they're dry biogs listing dates and promotions, but are often perked up in the summary by pre-war gossip, an inspired bit of observation, or what might be described as amusingly 'catty' deductions from slow promotion, physical appearance etc.

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    Nice one.
    And I'd not heard of 'The Spiegel Affair' mentioned there.
    Theo Saevecke sounds... interesting, if the scope here was to allow civilian officials.
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    Just been reading that 'Gunther' Viezenz, he of the RK & rather famous sleeve-ful of Panzer destruction Badges (reputed to have 21 up-close-&-personal tank kills. Reputed...) went on to Oberst rank in the Bundeswehr:

    Can't find a pic of him in Bundeswehr getup.
    Anyone would think postwar German Officers didn't go in much for media coverage. Discrete, even. Imagine...

    As a passing curiosity, some far from cheap paperwork:
    The Soldbuch & Documents to Günther Viezenz; Record Holder of the Tank Destruction Badge who Destroyed 21 Enemy Tanks
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    Pottered onto a couple of Witzig bundeswehr pics.
    Rudolf Witzig – Wikipedia

    5e68adf6eb42282a73831446af551481.jpg 2397f754b9371625ae485c327054a4d0.jpg 6a8a878f82126805a60eae46b13f95b1 (1).jpg rudolf-witzig-nb.jpg
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    Otto Kretschmer torpedoed and seriously damaged my uncles tanker the Franche Comte on the 16th March 1941. His submarine was forced to the surface a few hours later and he and all but a couple of the crew were captured. The fact that he survived the war and served in the German armed forces later only dying in 1998 was a considerable surprise when I was researching this in some detail. He had outlived my uncle by a few years!
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