VERITABLE 1945: 15th Scottish & 43rd Wessex Divisions in the Reichswald battle

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    Did a BFT Veritable last weekend and, looking for more information, stumbled upon this thread. What a great thread it is! Could you please reveal the origin of this map?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Bavee - Thank you. We have just missed one another then, have done a tour on 'Operation Blockbuster' featuring the 2nd Cdn Corps.

    The map was taken from the BAOR Veritable battlefieldtour.
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    What a coincidence! We did Groesbeek - Ooijpolder - Kranenburg - Frasselt - Donsbrüggen - Kleef - Goch last saturday.

    Strange thing about the map... I have the BAOR BFT in my possession (digital version) but this map isn't included. All the maps in my digital version have the title "Map #" and the title of the map shown above is "Plate #". Map 12 in my digital version has "30 Corps operations 8 - 10 Feb" as second title.

    Are you 100% sure about the origin?

    Again, thanks in advance!
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    Just to be sure, Stolpi means this book. Pictures are in.

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    Bedee, now it makes sense. I'm using the "Directing Staff Edition" and this is the "Spectator's Edition". I'll have to get me one of those ;).
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    Bavee & Bedee - Not sure now, it was from the top of my head. It's a long while ago since I posted the map. Will have a look at it this evening.

    On day 1 of our BFT tour we started at Wyler - Erlekom - Leuth (TIME LIFE pictures) - Zyfflich - Niel and then to Moyland Wood/Goch Calcar Road (see also: 3rd Cdn Infantry Division - Veritable and: VERITABLE: the Canadian finale (Moyland Wood & Goch-Calcar road))

    On Day 2 we visited the Calcar Heights - Mooshof (VC Cosens) - Keppeln - Schmachdarm (VC Tilston) - Katzenberg (Uedem) - Uedermerbruch - Villa Reichswald - Xanten area - Railway Bridge at Wesel.

    See also:

    So, if you're looking for a guide for the Canadian part in the Rhineland Campaign ...
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    We did the Scottish Division and a little bit of the Canadians at Ooijpolder. I'll keep your offer in mind.

    A friend of mine owns a copy of the "Spectator's Edition" but it isn't in that edition either. Would be great if you could have a look this evening stolpi!
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    Hi guys,

    The map is from the battlion history of the 10th highland light infantry.


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    Thanks Eric, now I have to get hold on one of those!
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    Illustrated London News 03 March 1945
    Illustrated London News 03 March 1945.jpg

    Attached Files:

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    Stolpi, an excellent thread, thank you.
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    Bump: On the eve of battle - 74 years ago the 'bloody' Battle for the Rhineland was about to start.
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    This is brilliant. Do you do Veritable tours?
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  14. Wapen

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    Another beauty. Cheers Stolpi.
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    Last week did a two and a half day BFT Veritable with D. (aka Wapen).

    On day 1 (afternoon) we went to the Hooge Hof to search for the 'Horrocks Tree' (distracted by the view from this vantage point forgot all about the tree), stood at the Veritable Monument along the Wylerbaan, went to the Heuvel Farm, Wyler and Vogelsang Farm and visited the sluice gate in the Querdamm at Zyfflich.

    On day 2 we travelled from the Start Line of 15th Scottish Div near the Hooge Hof to the Siegfried Line at Frasselt on bicycle (!) … Cycled along the old railway line between Groesbeek and Kranenburg, which has a bicycle lane added to it and visited all the important points in the area such as Hettsteeg, Hettsteeghof, Heikant, Boersteeg, Elsenhof, Kranenburg (and the old Station), Haus Kreuzfurth, Galgensteeg, Op de Hövel, Klinkenberg and Schottheide. A real exertion of the muscles, some of which D. didn't even know existed … :cool:

    We travelled by car to Cleve along the Old Roman Road. Stood on top of the Hingstberg. Walked around the small 'Lookout Tower' on top of the Klever Berg. Went through Cleve along the Lindenallee toward 'Tiger Corner' and moved by way of the Eselsberg around the Cleve Forest (Square Wood) towards the Gocherberg (first AT ditch).

    On day 3 we had a good look at 51st HD area at Breedeweg, Bruuk and the St.Jansberg. Went to the small Milsbeek War Cemetery. Stood on the (famous) Highland Bridge at Gennep. Then went on to the Broederbosch near Afferden and visited the Bleijenbeek Castle, which unfortunately proved inaccessible. Visited the German War Cemetery at Weeze and Yorkshire Bridge with the Schaddenhof. Went through the Hochwald Gap and finished the tour at the (infamous) railway bridge at Wesel.

    The restaurant at Gennep we had dinner is about to be liberated by the Black Watch …

    attached Bleijenbeek Castle and Wesel Railway Bridge (or what is left of it):
    20190411_123232.jpg 20190411_164612.jpg
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    A great tour. Lots of snuffling around in the woods looking for gun pits... carefully.
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    First of all i`ve got to congratulate stolpi for the effort he`s put into this and all the other Veritable related threads on here.
    I joined a while ago to see what i could find out about the attack where my uncle was killed on the second day of the attack on Cleve. i was surprised and pleased to see his name on here as a sort of memorial.
    my uncle was George Albert Barrett. 8th Bn Royal Scots. died on the 9th February 1945, a few days after his 18th birthday. My grandparents and my mum never quite got over his loss.
    below is a photo of uncle George and a photo of his grave In the Reichswald War Cemetery, which i think was taken in the early 50s by my grandparents
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    Roy N thanks for posting his picture; another young face: how young (many of) these soldiers were!

    We will remember them ...
  19. Roy N

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    `There were far too many lost and we will remember them..

    Stolpi, I have a couple of questions related to my uncles death, would it be better if i start another thread, rather than ask them on here?
  20. stolpi

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    RoyN - I've sent you a PM
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