UK casualties in Afghanistan

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    Strangely I have some connection with the last two casualties. My mate (ex-I Corps) was attached to 14 Sig (EW) when he did his last tour of Afghanistan before he retired. Member Pierce09 was in his section on that tour.

    WO2 Fisher attended my school in Hornchurch. Attached part of the front page of my local newspaper.

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    that i was!
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    Bradford street named after killed soldier Martin Bell.
    A soldier killed in Afghanistan has had a street named after him in his home city of Bradford.
    Pte Martin Bell, 24, was killed in an explosion in January 2011 while going to the aid of a wounded friend and saving his life. He was posthumously awarded the George Medal for his selfless act.

    Original story posted here by wtid45 28 January 2011, post #142
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