UK casualties in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by dbf, Jun 8, 2008.

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    25 years he served in the Army-bet that was his last tour.
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    :poppy: Captain Walter Barrie RIP :poppy:

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    :poppy: RIP Captain Barrie :poppy:
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    Thougth I'd post this story on this thread.

    BBC News - Fiancee of killed soldier Pte Daniel Wade wins paternity
    A woman from Warrington has won her battle to prove her fiance fathered their daughter before he was killed in Afghanistan.
    Because they were not married, Emma Hickman, 19, had struggled to have Pte Daniel Wade's name on the birth certificate of their daughter Lexie-Mai.
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    Hi All.My sympaties to all reletives of those killed in all wars. Those to blame for starting this political mess are on to bigger & better positions. e.g UN, G.W. Bush, A. Blair. If we all got out of the UN I'm sure we would not get involved in their wars.Remember UK is not the only country involved There are Australia, Canada, USA, Poles, Germans etc. What would be the total kia figures for all of them ?It is a dirty political war & there will be no winners. A sad wedgetail
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    "If we all got out of the UN I'm sure we would not get involved in their wars.Remember UK is not the only country involved There are Australia, Canada, USA, Poles, Germans etc. What would be the total kia figures for all of them ?It is a dirty political war & there will be no winners."

    1. It is not the 'UN's' war, it is not a UN operation.

    2. All or almost all wars are political. As has often been said 'war is an extension of politics by other means'.

    3. What do you mean by 'dirty'? The war is been conducted by NATO in accordance with international conventions, at least on the part of NATO.

    4. Broadly speaking casualties are very light.

    5. Most if not all western forces are volunteers. As professionals they know the score. I speak as a veteran of three wars, please spare me from your claptrap.

    6. Insurgents are fighting their God's battle and know they are doing the right thing and will be rewarded in heaven, they are happy in their work. Civilian casualties are their god's will.
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    Can we keep the politics of the rights & wrongs to another thread please.
    I'd prefer to keep this one for paying our respects to & remembering our casualties.
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    I endorse that.
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    :poppy: Cpl William Savage and Fusilier Samuel Flint from the Royal Highland Fusiliers, the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment Of Scotland
    Pte Robert Hetherington, of the 51st Highland, 7th Battalion. RIP :poppy:

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    UK soldier killed on patrol in Afghanistan

    A British soldier has been killed by enemy fire while on patrol in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.

    The soldier from 14 Signals Regiment had been on patrol in Helmand Province when he was killed.

    A spokesman said the soldier was "the brightest and the best" who had "died defending his comrades".

    His death brings the number of UK service personnel who have died in Afghanistan since 2001 to 445.

    The serviceman's next of kin have been informed.

    'Fantastic soldier'
    He died at the scene, despite receiving "immediate medical attention" after coming under enemy fire in the area of Kakaran, north east of the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, the MoD said.

    Spokesman for Task Force Helmand Lt Col Hywel Lewis said: "A fantastic soldier has tragically died defending his comrades. He was the brightest and the best.

    "Those who served alongside him were privileged and feel his loss most deeply. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family at this extremely difficult time."

    According to the Army's website, the role of the 14 Signals Regiment (Electronic Warfare) - who are based at Cawdor Barracks in Pembrokeshire - includes attacking targets by jamming electronic systems and preventing them from working properly.

    British troops are due to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014, when all Nato combat operations are due to finish, although a small number will remain in support roles.

    The number of British troops in Afghanistan was reduced to 9,000 before the end of 2012 and is set to fall to 5,200 by the end of 2013.

    British troops are now placed at five bases - down from a peak of more than 130 - and rarely go on patrol.
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    Certa Cito :poppy:
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    That makes 445 now lost in Afghanistan, and let's hope he is the last.

    RIP Signaller :poppy: duty done.
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    R.I.P 14 Sigs Regt EW. gone but not forgotten
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    WE recognize that every and any man's death is a tragedy to some family and we can commiserate with them on their loss…..fact is that we should not have been dragged into that sneaky war

    as we have been there before - in fact four times in the past with the score standing at 2 all with the current fracas looking like another defeat with the loss of some 450 young lives…..and before we

    go into beating our breasts we should recall other wars where we lost heavily in battles but allegedly won the war and as it so close to Remembrance day - i tend to think of the losses we suffered at

    Ortona - Cassino - Anzio - Gothic line where at one point we were losing 150 KIA's per DAY for a total of 14,000 for the month long battles...

    We shall remember them all

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    WO2 Fisher is the eighth British soldier to be killed in the country this year

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    :poppy: RIP WO2 Fisher :poppy:

    Rest easy, duty done.

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