Tanks constructed by Harland and Wolff

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    Harland & Wolff were involved in various projects as well as shipbuilding.

    They manufactures bullets, Guns, Hand Grenades and Tanks.

    Tanks were built approximately 550 Matilda, Churchill and Centaur Tanks between August 1939 and May 1943.
    The picture here is from the excellent website Theyard.info

    The number of the Tank is seen on the front.
    Is there a list of the Numbers issued to Tanks manufactures by Harland & Wolff?


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    Hi Andy,
    I can help with some
    T.7196 - T.7270 Contract T.5325 - 75 Cruiser Mk I and Mk ICS
    T.10074 - T.10203 Contract T.6905 - 130 Matilda Mk II, III, IV and Scorpions
    T.10418 - T.10421 Contract T.8605 - 4 Matilda Mk IV
    T.27871 - T.27940 Contract T.310 - 70 Matilda Mk III and IV
    T82088 - T.82168 Contract T.1268 - 75 Matilda Mk IV

    The census number in the picture T184306U comes from
    T183800 - T190064 Contracts M.1300, T.11234 and T.11239 through to T.11243
    part of 6265 Centaur Mk I, III and IV / Cromwell Mk III and IV

    That covers 2/3 of the 550 tanks. It would be nice to confirm the rest.


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    Couple more Harland/Armour references - in passing:

    Fletcher: (Mechanised Force) - A9 - 75 ordered from H&W in 1937 - only 'a handful' produced.
    " (Great Tank Scandal) - Asserts that H&W got work as they were one of a small group of companies lacking civilian orders.
    1939 - 100 Covenanters envisaged from H&W (with internally designed H&W 300HP engine). Does not seem to have gone well with engine not yet available, increasing mild steel work on H&W versions. Gun troubles etc. Work shifted back to Vauxhall.
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    Much appreciated.


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