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    Does anyone have the SS Scillin causality list? I believe my great uncle died on this ship but haven't been able to find the list of POWs lost at sea.

    My great Uncle was
    Private Reginald Charles Chippett
    1/ 4th Battalion Essex Regiment
    Service No. 6022433
    Death 14th Nov 192
    Column 63. Alamein memorial

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    If you check out this link: Detecting your browser settings, you will see reference to details of the sinking of the Scillin.

    You can obtain copies directly from TNA, or you could ask members here to obtain copies for you. Drew5233 is one of those members, and whom I have conduct research, and provides an excellent service, there are other members e.g. PsyWar.Org, who also offer this service.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I managed to get a copy of his BMD certifcate and Date of Death is 31 Oct 1942 to 14 Nov 1942.

    Do you have any advice on how I can get a definate date?


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