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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by alib, Oct 25, 2020.

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    Please could someone help me - Does everyone person who joins the military have a portrait photograph in uniform taken? I'm trying to research my grandfather's service history and one of the things I'd like to find is his photograph. Does the MoD keep these?
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    Not to my knowledge.
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    During RAF induction training we had our individual photographs taken in uniform shoulder height which we had to pay for.

    There was also a series of photographs not individually based taken in training with a group photograph of those who shared the same hut in the Flight...again the album had to be bought.

    After technical trade training and on a permanent station,while on RSF 2nd line servicing we had an official group photograph taken which as I remember an airman,a university graduate whose first name I remember and with a grudge, spoiled the first frame by deliberately "gaping".The second frame was successful.

    Then posted to an operational squadron,the Squadron Commander had newcomer's fizzogs taken officially and these were displayed on his office wall in order that he should know who we were as we went around our duties on the squadron.

    Other than that as I remember was the Permanent Pass, Form 557 which covered the airman's identity in conjunction with Leave Form 1250..."Has permission to be absent from his quarters during off duty hours with permission to / not to wear plain clothes.That is an interesting qualification because when the Teddy Boy style came all the rage,the Station Commander issued an instruction that no one would be allowed to leave the station wearing Teddy Boy style clothing.It effected as I remember, just the London boys.

    During the war,aircrew photographs were taken in order to produce false papers should they survive the loss of their aircraft over enemy territory.Apparently one flaw was that many were photographed using the same coat.
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    A member on this site did receive a photo of his father with the service records but I think it is a rarity
    mentioned on this thread Private JACK LOCKWOOD

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