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  1. Peter Bennett

    Peter Bennett Peter Bennett

    I am looking for a photograph of this soldier, are there any newspaper archives I can look at ?

    Thank you

    Private LOCKWOOD, JACK
    Service Number 14719323
    Died 23/10/1944
    Aged 18
    5th Bn.
    Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
    Son of Crossland and Elizabeth Lockwood, of Whitley, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

    Location: Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
    Cemetery/memorial reference: 1. B. 6.
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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Peter - have you applied for his service records, there was a photo of my father in the documents I received from MOD

  4. Incredibledisc

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    Try the British Newspaper Archives. It’s a paysite but you can usually access it for free from libraries (in Scotland at least) I used to be able to get it though my work (for some reason schools also have access) so if I get a chance this week I’ll try a search for you.
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  5. Peter Bennett

    Peter Bennett Peter Bennett

    Thank you to all who have replied
  6. Peter Bennett

    Peter Bennett Peter Bennett

    Thank you but only living relatives can obtain WW2 service records
  7. 4jonboy

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    No they can't Peter. Myself and many forum members have obtained service records on behalf of servicemen who died in the war. I obtained Harry Salt's service record in order to get his CWGC grave altered. See here
    Sgt. Harry Salt, MID. 1st Recce | WW2Talk

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  8. Tricky Dicky

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  9. Incredibledisc

    Incredibledisc Well-Known Member

    Had a look at work today and it appears we no longer have free school access to the British Newspaper Archive :mad: anyone else able to have a look?
  10. Owen

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  11. Incredibledisc

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  12. 51highland

    51highland Very Senior Member

    I have been helping Dirk with info re Schijndel with war diaries, my Fathers recollections etc. I have been trying for some time to find photos of various fallen soldiers. I may have photos of the men but without any names on them I cannot be sure. It is likely that my Father knew Lockwood as Batley is the next village to Birstall, where my Father was born.
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  13. amberdog45

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    Parents Crossland Lockwood (born 1883) & Elizabeth Firth (born 1884) marry in Dewsbury Sept 1906 Volume 9b Page 1267. Both alive on the 1939 ID Register in the Borough of Batley M.B. Yorkshire, West Riding. You should also be able to find them on the 1911 Census.

    Using this website I found the children of this marriage FreeBMD - Search

    Dec 1912 Janet E. Vol 9b Pg 966
    Dec 1914 Joseph J. Vol 9b Pg 985
    Mar 1919 Evelyn Vol 9b Pg 593
    Dec 1920 Arthur Vol 9b Pg 948
    Mar 1923 Maud S. Vol 9b Pg 900
    Mar 1925 Kenneth Vol 9b Pg 804
    Mar 1926 JACK Vol 9b Pg 800
    Dec 1928 Norman Vol 9b Pg 723
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  14. Ann Rosier

    Ann Rosier New Member

    Jack Lockwood was my grandads brother.
    This is my grandads brother, Jack Lockwood. Hope this is what you have been looking for.

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  15. 51highland

    51highland Very Senior Member

    Have forwarded the picture to people in Schijndel, where I have been invited to on October 23rd for their 75th Liberation anniversary celebrations. Many thanks for the photo, it will probably be used by the school children when they visit the graves.
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  16. Ann Rosier

    Ann Rosier New Member

    Thanks very much. That sounds wonderful. He joined the army at the same time as his brother Alfred. Neither of them came home. I didn't know anything about this until I accidentally found it one day. I got this picture from Percy's daughter Maureen, my auntie and God mother.
  17. Peter Bennett

    Peter Bennett Peter Bennett

    Thank you very much

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