Sergeant. John (Jack) Sharp.

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    I have been attempting to do research on the war time life of my father.
    (Rnk.) Sergeant. John (Jack) Sharp.
    I have no idea what his service number was, so have had great difficulty finding anything. As was so often the case, my father never told me anything of his war time experiences. After his death in the 1970's, I gleaned what little I do know from my mother, sadly, also now gone. But from what I do know of his whereabouts during the war.
    I know he lied about his age to be able to enlist. I know he joined the BEF and went to France and Belgium and then became left behind with a small group as others were escaping via the Dunkirk beaches. He eventually made his way through enemy lines and returned on a coal ship with a load of French and assorted British troops from St. Malo.
    Once back in the UK, he was eventually posted to both Swanage, for a brief spell, then based outside Shaftsbury with a searchlight and AA battery. (Where he met my mother)
    Later, as with so many other troops, he joined the D-Day invasion force. I don't know if he went in on day one or not, but he definitely fought right across Europe. I know he was involved in the battle for Caen but that is about all, until towards the end of the war, my mother told me that he was amongst the first group of soldiers to arrive at Belsen.
    I live in hope that somebody may be able to help piece his story together for me.
    David Sharp
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    I've found your post & created a thread for you.
    I hope the members can help you out.
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    Well there are 2 things you can do to help answer your questions

    1. Apply for his service records from the MOD the forms can be found here - Request records of deceased service personnel you will need a copy of his death certificate and you do not need his service number but would need his date of birth instead
    (See post no 4 on this thread - Newbie seeking guidance: researching my grandfather SSM J. Harrison)

    2. Provide as much details about here as you can, full names, date of birth, date he died, where he died, where he was born etc etc to more you provide the easier (hopefully) it will be for other members to help you

    Looking at the database for Royal Artillery tracer cards provides 51 x John Sharps so finding your man will be a lot easier with definitive details


    PS there are also 6 x Jack Sharp
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    Cheers for that 'Tricky', how do you go about finding the Royal Artillery Tracer cards??
  5. David Sharp

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    Thanks for that Owen....
  6. David Sharp

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    Just to say that since my original post, I have now found out more with regards my father during the war. I now know he served in 5 S.L. Battery. Royal Artillery. Also, now have a service number, 1509457 so am gaining information all the time, so I live in hope of piecing his war together.
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    Now we have a little more detail

    UK, World War II Royal Artillery Tracer Cards, 1939-1948
    Name: John Edward Sharp
    Enlistment Date: 17 Jul 1939
    Regiment: Royal Artillery
    Military Unit: 19 Searchlight Militia Depot RA
    Service Number: 1509 457
    Service Number 2: 10024289

    Using either service number gives me access to the same card as attached

    These are available via Ancestry web site - be interesting to see what his service records show as you seem to have already sent for them via a post on another thread - WW2 Soldier Research - Tips and Links for New Researchers (update)


    I am certainly no expert on theses units bit found this - RA 1939-45 2 SL Rgt and I would assume that he was 5 Battery 2nd Searchlight Regiment. The above shows they were in France with the BEF. The same web site shows the 5th Searchlight Regiment formed in Singapore in 1941.
    But this should be verified by an RA member
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    Cheers for that..........
  9. Tullybrone

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    Hi Richard,

    From entries in the Tracer card he appears to have been one of the pool of 21 year old men selected for 6 month pre war militia service during 1938/39?

    The latter 8 figure Service number shown on the Tracer Card may be an indication of post war service post demobilisation - possibly enlistment into the reconstituted post war Territorial Army?

    As ever the service records will reveal the whole story.

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  11. Guy Hudson

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    The second one is his pre-war Militia number.
    Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 14.44.35.png
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