Newbie seeking guidance: researching my grandfather SSM J. Harrison

Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Critch, Nov 30, 2020.

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    I have just joined WW2 Talk and am amazed at all the information and the knowledgeable people.

    I have just started researching my grandfather, Joseph (Joe) Harrison, who was a Royal Engineer in a parachute squadron. I know very little about him and do not even have a photograph. I do not know his service number.
    I would really appreciate any information and/or suggestions about him and where he served.

    1940 He married my grandmother, Hilda Clarkson (nee Yeomans) in Singapore. He was a L/Sgt, serving with the 30th Fortress Company RE Changi

    1941 He escorted his new wife and her 3 daughters back to England aboard the SS Nestor, arriving in Liverpool 05 Nov 1941.
    I understand that he returned to active service almost immediately and did not return for 6 years.

    1943 SSM J.Harrison listed under 2nd Parachute Squadron Royal Engineer, Taranto
    2nd Parachute Squadron Royal Engineer
    I did find mention of a Squadron Sergeant Major: SSM J.Harrison, Squadron Headquarters, 2nd Parachute Squadron, RE. (Major C.D.H.Vernon was the Commander).
    There is a photo with a Sgt Harrison WO's Mess, Airborne Forces Depot, 1950s | ParaData looks like him, I am told.

    1952-56 (?) Joe and his family were living in the Suez Canal Zone as that is where my parents met.
    Many thanks,

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    Thank you for the advise. My problem is that I do not know his service number and I understand that he was a Royal Engineer but also a Paratrooper. The RE Association does not have him listed.
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    If you read the forms you do not need his service number, its useful but not necessary, the most important thing is a copy of his death certificate and if you are a relative then fill in the next of kin forms, specifying what relation you are


    Also check out the web site Paradata they may also include details of him

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