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    I have found a number of references to Operation Rocking Horse. This was it seems the plan, should Sea Lion take place, to evacuate the King, Queen and Princesses to Madresfield in Worcestershire from where they could, if it proved necessary, later be further evacuated to the coast (possibly Llandudno) and then to Canada. There was also Operation Melbourne which was to move the War Cabinet to Hindlip Hall in Worcestershire. All very hush hush at the time - does anyone have more detail?

    Interestingly in 1805 it was planned to evacuate George III to Hartleybury Castle in Worcestershire should the French invade
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    A subject that has been well written about over the past 80 years. Try searching for Coats Mission with your internet browser.
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    However my question is about more than the Coats Mission. There was a plan to move the British government to Worcestershire. The King would have been at Madresfield Court, the PM at Spetchly Park, The rest of the War Cabinet at Hindlip Hall and the House of Commons at Claines. The set up in Worcestershire was entrusted to Lt Col Mellville Lee based at Norton Barracks near Worcester as part of Operation Melbourne. Many of the papers relating to this have only recently been found this year at the Worcestershire County Archaeology Office, which is unfortunately now shut because of the current crisis, and have not been discussed over the last 80 years.

    The Coats Mission is basically what would have happened if this new centre of government had itself become threatened and the Royals had to be further evacuated to Hatley Castle on Canada's West Coast and fascinating though it may be is not what I an enquiring about. What I am trying to learn about is the organisation of this proposed 'Worcestershire Redoubt'
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    Seems a bit daft having the Coates Mission etc based in barracks in London to take various VIPs in London out of London if they were already in Worcestershire.

    Maybe you could explain that for those of us that have clearly been mislead by the historical evidence.

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