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    Hi, I have just joined ww2talk and I need some help as I really am not sure where to check for sources. I am trying to find out information about the RAMC 18th Ambulance train during WW2. My father Montague Michaels served in this unit and travelled through Belgium and Germany from 1944/45. Although he survived the war he unfortunately died young so I know very little about his war service. After the Germans surrendered, I believe that the company went to the Far East, however my father stayed on in Germany as an interpreter. Again I have no idea how to check what he was doing, I believe that he was assisting the units who were tracking down members of the Nazi werwolf unit. Apparently on one occasion, maybe during an attempted arrest, someone tried to stab him. Any advice on where to start my research would be most helpful and gratefully received.
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    Had a search for a war diary at National Archives for 18 Ambulance Train & can't find any for WW2 , only WW1.
    Lots of other ambulance trains listed.
    Have you got a full list of units he was with ?
    Have you got his service records from the MoD ?

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