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  1. RemeDesertRat

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    Thanks for posting, wowtank, made a visit myself a couple of years ago, but the weather was awful, and pics came out even worse ;)
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    Thanks for the post, have not been that way for a while, very photogenic memorial
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    Wow, I've been past there on numerous occasions, but never stopped. Always in a hurry!

    When I think about 7th Armoured I always think about the Engineers and Infantry that preceeded them, and cleared the way for the tanks to do what they do - and quite often the 50th (Northumbrian) Division; El Alamein (not for the 7th), Gold Beech, et al.

    I don't get as excited about British tanks as some of you guys on this forum!

    Still a great memorial; and I will stop and visit one day...


  4. von Poop

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    Excellent story. Interesting on several levels. Thanks very much for posting.
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    Also... I thought the Kithurst Churchill had been recovered now?
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    I think that this was the one at HMS Excellent, which is now at the Tank Musem, Bovington, but I can't find anything to back this up.

  9. von Poop

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    Bermondsey T34 has gone dazzle. (Via it's Twitter account: [twitter]oldkentroadtank[/twitter])

    BmP4kW0IUAAH1U9.jpg large.jpg
  10. Owen

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  12. smdarby

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    Breda, The Netherlands - kindly donated by the 1st Polish Armoured Div.

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  13. Owen

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    work mate of mine is on holiday in Cuba. he posted this on facebook . it's in Havanna.
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  14. Owen

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    Just seen this Sherman outside a new , not yet open D-Day museum , Castletown, Portland Dorset.
    Castletown D-Day Centre

    20170214_143415.jpg 20170214_144000.jpg 20170214_144010.jpg 20170214_144029.jpg
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    That's good news.
    Portland could do with some DDay context and a general boost.
    Range wreck bitsa maybe?
    (Shame about the keep off & CCTV signs. If Southsea Common's Churchill and Grizzly are still in one piece after years of public abuse in the Pompey area, then this thing can take it. Disclaimer would maybe do... )

    Ah. Retrieved from France:
    Lucky takes pride of place at Castletown D-Day Centre
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    Owen, really - did you have to get your Range Rover in each picture as well :-P

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  18. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    I'm watching for that Sherman now that you mentioned it.

    I just saw a shot of a nice looking WWI memorial right down by the waterfront.
    The announcer, I think it was Paul Sherwen, says,"There you see a memorial to the French soldiers who fought in the Great War. It points out to the sea to remind us that those who died lost their lives in far off lands."

  19. Owen

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    WW1 repro Schneider I saw mentioned in post #10 here... Panhard EBR

    Went to the char d'assaut memorial 2 weeks ago & the EBR & AMX have gone, been replaced with a reproduction Schneider , good idea as it is a WW1 memorial. char 1.JPG char 2.JPG char 3.JPG
  20. The Cooler King

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    The Desert Rat Memorial
    Thetford Forest, Norfolk.

    The 7th Armoured Division was stationed in Thetford Forest between January and May 1944 while they prepared for the invasion of Normandy. This was the only time the division was in the United Kingdom in it's entire Existence. The Division sailed from Felixstowe on the 5 June 1944 with the first tanks landing on Gold Beach on the evening of 6th June 1944 .

    The memorial is by the side of the road and you can park next to it.

    I took these images when I visited. Desert Rats Memorial 1.jpg

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