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    Hi all
    My grandfather (Grenadier Guards) was injured at Anzio and shipped to Stalag X1A Altengrabow, Eastern Germany
    In his possessions was this magazine consisting of 30 pages produced by the Red Cross and covers life in PoW camps
    I am sure it’s from ww2 but there is no date of production except a quote from Jan 1942 (last photo)
    It covers such things as concert parties, sport within the camps, food, medical treatment etc
    Anyone seen this before?


    Inside page

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    Welcome to the forum. I’d hazard a guess that the POW publication was printed for home consumption by relatives of men who were POW and likely paints a rosy picture of POW life.

    You may be interested in this series by publications shared by forum member Incredibledisc last year -

    New Resource - The Prisoner of War, June 1944


    BTW Your Grenadier photo looks like a company group photo.
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  3. Gary S

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    Thank you
    The attached from Incredibledisc seems to be a paper, mine is a magazine.
    I’m assuming it was produced by the same people?
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  4. Incredibledisc

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    Hi Gary - the papers I posted were produced by the Red Cross of St John in the UK and were sent free of charge to families of POWs. From the photos you’ve posted your magazine appears to have been printed in 1942 by a company called Fanfare Press and sold for 6d (sixpence) so guessing it was on general sale to the public. With thousands of men in Stalags from across the UK there was probably a decent market for it.
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