Polish mine detector

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  1. marek_pk

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    Didn't know this.

    Polish officer, Lieutenant Jozef Stanislaw Kozacki, invented the first practical electronic mine detector during World War II .........................

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  2. kfz

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    Yes he did. No moving parts, using a basic electrical property.

    Its an amazing invention really, how primitive it must have been before then poking around with bayonets. Last thing you wann do to mine is poke it with something.

  3. Owen

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    I never knew it was invented by a Pole.
    What's more..
    His discovery was not patented; he gave it as a gift to the British Army (he was later given a thank you letter from the king).

    ...think how much he would have made if he had patented it.
  4. geoff501

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    I never knew it was invented by a Pole.
    What's more..

    The Poles also made the best spy radio sets, far superior to the bulky primitive British sets, in a secret factory at Letchworth. In particular the receivers were 'superhets', whereas the earlier British sets were 'regenerative'
    (Ron might know what I'm on about, if he's the right sort of expert but I often talk through my hat)
  5. marek_pk

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    "His invention was tested and developed and 500 Mine Detectors No. 2 (Polish) were rushed to the Western Desert in time for the advance on El Alamein. Their effect was to double the speed of British troops that cleared the heavily mined sands from 100 to 200 meters an hour."

    Effective contribution to the war effort by a Pole.
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    He's still with us isn't he?
    Was on one of those TV popular science programmes recently? Maybe Adam Hart-Davies?
  7. Owen

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