Photos of Jews in Kutno Ghetto

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    In 1939-40 Hugo Jaeger took a series of photos of Jews in the Kutno Ghetto in Poland. Jaeger was Hitler's favourite photographer and normally photographed the Fuhrer or German triumphs.

    Jaeger hid his archive after the war and sold it to Life magazine in 1964. Time Life has now put the Ghetto pictures on its website; click here for link.

    The photos were taken early in the war, so the Jews look reasonably healthy. They appear to be trying to make the most of a bad situation, with no realisation of how much worse things were going to get.

    It is highly unlikely that any of the Jews pictured were still alive by the Spring of 1942, when the Kutno Ghetto was liquidated and its inhabitants murdered at the Chelmno death camp.
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    Thanks for posting, Martin. A very interesting collection but very sad when you look at the faces of those poor people.


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