Nijmegen 1944 - British Army Ambulance

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    Hi all!
    For years I have been trying to find information on this little mystery.

    I am looking to find the names of a brother and sister who helped hide my Oma during the war. I don't know their real name as my Oma was very afraid to talk of it. She wrote an account and used fake names Mr & MRs Jager.
    What I do know is that Mr "Jager" Helped the British Army in 1944 by driving the field ambulance that was actually an old hearse. I have tried british records and every Dutch resource I can think of and I am at a loss!

    Below is what was in her book:
    Oma was sent to "Nymegen" in spring 1944 to live with Mr and Mrs "Jager".
    In the book she refers to their neighbours Mr and Mrs "Maas" who had a daughter "Marie" who was about Oma's age.
    She wrote that there was fighting and shooting in the streets and they all had to hide in the basements until the english troops bushed back the german soldiers. "True, the germans were driven out of Nymegen by the English, but the germans made a stand at Arnhem and from there attacked.."
    Around this time she wrote that "Mr Maas" and "Mr Jager" had a job for the english "They were driving an ambulance wagon. The car originally was a hearse but was now converted into an ambulance."
    The house they were living in was partially damaged during an attack by the germans at this time as well.

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