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    Hi, my name is Kieron, I live in Dublin, Ireland, and I am writing about the relationship between General Eisenhower and his Irish driver, Kay Summersby, during the war. I have read both her books, Harry Butcher's book and At Ease, have visited the Imperial War Museum (where I heard Kay's Thames TV interview) and the Eisenhower Library in Abilene (where I saw Kay's diary and correspondence), looked at the Inish Beg website and Googled all the photos of the two together. Any further information (or pictures) that anyone can give me relating to the couple would be very welcome. For example, I understand that Eisenhower spoke to Viscount Alanbrooke about the relationship at the end of the war. Is this in Alanbrooke's diaries? If so, where can I see the originals? Many thanks, Kieron
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    If you want to see Alanbrookes Diaries - then pop over here as I still have both copies and you are welcome to read them

    Should mention that I live near Vancouver B.C.

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    Could apply for Kay Summersby's service record as she passed away in 1975 it has been 30 years since her death.

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    Alanbrooke's full diaries are at the Liddell Hart Archives at King's College London. They are open to the public. There are also copies of the edited diaries - so there might be stuff in the published versions that he deleted?

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    She appeared briefly in the World at War Series.

    Strong personality - I was surprised.
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    Yeah it's the unedited versions that are likely to have anything worthwhile. I'll try that, thanks.
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    I mention this in hushed tones, for obvious reasons, but for another account of Kay Summersby's influence a quick referral to David Irving's "The War Between The Generals (Inside The Allied High Command)" from 1982 might be useful.
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    Very helpful, though I don't think he's got anything I haven't got!
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    Hi, I am a new member to this forum, which I found very helpful with research for my online book Ike's Irish Lover

    I'm English but live in Ireland, a barrister and journalist, and I lived in occupied Germany for three years from 1950 to 1953.

    All the best to members!

    Kieron Wood
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    Thanks Nijmegen! Try the Amazon link without the last character or space (ending on Y). Regards, Kieron
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    Still does not work.

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    Welcome. I wrote a book myself once, and I know how much hard work it is!
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    LOL! It's been amazing finding out all about Kay. Last week I was in Inish Beg and found Kay's family grave about a mile away. I haven't included the story on here that Kay and Ike were together in a Paris hotel at the start of the Battle of the Bulge because I can't substantiate it. But if anyone can stand the story up...
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    I'll look for it under fiction section

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